Interview with Oksana Bachinskaya

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The product director of the training center СЕКС.РФ (SEX.RF) was interviewed by our reporter.

Russian version

This interview was taken before lockdowns, before the majority of companies, including SEX.RF, have left their off-line activities to opt for on-line service. We hope we will be able to return to our routine in the nearest future and the cozy halls of the training centers are going to be filled with people longing to make their sex life more rich and diverse. So, this conversation may be of great interest despite of the current global situation. Given article contains extracts fr om the interview while the complete version is available on our youtube channel. Well…

First things first. What sort of project is SEX.RF?

Oksana: SEX.RF is a project dedicated to sexual education in the first place. This is a training center, for women exclusively, so far (“so far”, I stress), focusing not only on sexual practices but on solving doubts about life in a couple, sexuality, sensuality, parenting and children growing up- also important.

SEX.RF is a place where people can discuss any topic related to sex in a gentle, client-friendly and professional way. The key point is: women leave the center after making sure they are totally ok, in the majority of cases. Or, they are supported with advice to ask for help fr om a health care specialist.

What is the mission of SEX.RF?

We focus on sexual education. We are oriented on any woman’s right to say “NO”, on teaching her how to do it right. Second, we teach her to act for her own sake-a kind of sound egoism applied to sex. We teach her how to stop making sexual charity or serve somebody’s else needs, how to listen to her body and the most important-how to learn to cooperate with her own body… Our education is about the culture of consent announcement among other skills.

Is there any age lim it for a woman to become your student?

Once she is 18 years old, she is welcome. Our doors are wide open. This is the “age of majority” in our country.

Can you please give a general overview of the trainings you offer and the areas you focus on?

We have 15 basic trainings that are always available. There are oral and manual practices. We tell women what to do with their own precious body and how to please their partner. We have a big set of vaginal trainings. This is a product called “Triad” including three trainings on the development of intimate muscles, vaginal sex and orgasm reaching.

Ok. Is the training center located in Saint Petersburg just a branch or a fully-equipped independent center similar to that based in Moscow?

It is a full-fledged center. Equal to the Moscow center. This is a department comprising the group of companies. So, this is SEX.RF on the Neva. We have been around there for many years.

What about branches outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg?

None at the moment. We used to have a center in Nizhny Novgorod but it was closed about mid-year 2019. It so happened.

Who can become a coach? Do they need a degree? Or anything else?

At present, all the girls working here have a degree in Psychology. We have recently opened some vacancies within two areas: medical doctors and the second area that requires coaches for games who need no degree in either Medicine or Psychology.

Can I ask you a direct question, then? Who is Oksana Bachinskaya? Tell me please about your professional background.

I am a medical psychologist. That’s all. Before publication or when I am invited to a place to deliver a speech, I am often asked for regalia. Look, I have none. As a matter of fact, psychology is a medical area of expertise and my certificate says: “Sexology in medical consultancy”. I have completed many academic hours of training to become just a psychologist in sexology. However, the Diploma of the 2nd University of Medicine is my pride. Because this is a qualification in the Medical Psychology that I obtained from a good medical university.

Ok, another question. Imagine one who has never been to a sex shop. Wh ere does he or she begin?

I am sure people should start with a lube. With a simple water-based one. They are of different viscosity, of opposite consistency and this fact can actually change your life! It can just put things right! And can turn a frowny process into a really cool thing to enjoy! So, get a lube and enjoy!

I hope that girls who knew nothing or little about your training center before the interview are going to change their life. I have really enjoyed our talk, your speech is clear, precise and one can have a good idea of what is going on here.

I hope so. There are some reasons for choosing us. First, our center is a safe space. Photo or video shooting are strictly prohibited on our territory. We take care to ensure that girls have left their mobile phones outside the classroom because nobody wants to become a YouTube star after the “Deep Throat” training and have to deal with troubles related to that. Second, our center is a place to ask those questions you cannot ask anyone else.