How to reach ProSack and not miss the goal?

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The company Astkol-Alfa is famous for its active work in holding trainings, educational seminars designed for the industry mates. Recently, a new video blog and a new customer-targeted youtube-channel have appeared on the web.


Olga Blinkova, Mikhail Starovoit and Vadim Naezdnikov, the latter usually staying behind the scenes, are those who form the team of the blog ProSack. In a live talk with Marina Chicheva, the portal's Editor-in-Chief, they told her about whom this blog is meant for, how they manage to speak about the taboos in a light and cheerful manner and what is left off-screen. If you haven't watched any video yet or you simply want to lift you up, do it right away!

Marina: Let's talk about your remarkable blog! How have you arrived at such extremity? Where did this idea come from?

Vadim: Well, on a regular meeting, we thought why didn't we get to where many people had already arrived at? And we decided to try it. The task of selecting a name was appointed then. We tried the brainstorm technique and, suddenly, the name ProSack, its English version, exactly, came to my mind. While everybody was still in doubt, I took it and let it be the final choice. That was all.

Marina: Well, it is quite an ambiguous, suggestive name.

Olga: Oh, yes, it can be explained in many ways, the way it sounds is also perceived differently by people. As a matter of fact, this name is somewhat catchy, I may say.

Marina: What is the way you, the creators, can decode it?

Olga, Vadim: find oneself between (Laughter)

Olga: We find ourselves between such points and we talk about such points that few people dare to mention. Anyway, we are here, there and everywhere and we draw very close attention to these points.

Mikhail: We mean we are between the two holes. It is like in the song: it can't be that way, there must be some space between.

Marina: Great! Where do you borrow your topics from?

Mikhail: Working, where else would it be?

Vadim: It is also the Internet, some reactive blogs arousing the topics of the day.

Mikhail: In general, the information is just streaming by our side, so, the topics are countless.

Vadim: From people's unawareness, their ignorance.

Mikhail: Yes, right, this is our major source.

Olga: Our blog is mostly designed to make people understand that having sex is not prohibited but necessary, and once you do it, do it right, talk about it! And we talk about sex toys, of course, pointing out the how, the what, the where to, the what with in order to do it in a right, adequate and reasonable way.

Mikhail: Sex is not a job… For most people.

Marina: We, now talking to each other, are an exception. (Group laughter)

Vadim: We have fallen into the caste of the female sellers- women for sale, just as fast.

Marina: Were there any curious situations during the video-making?

Olga: Without a break.

Mikhail: It seems to have become common practice. We've got so many takes left off screen! More than those that usually follow a movie starring Jackie Chan!

Marina: Can you remember of a particular case?

Vadim: Tell her about the way the guys were surprised when they came to take part in the challenge for the first time and they had never stepped into a sex shop before.

Mikhail: Well, that was a curious case. One of the topics concerned throughout our videos is the way people outside the adult industry (the friends of mine, Olga's or Vadim's ones) come and get acquainted with this world, they do it by touch, literally. That day, I can remember it was Thursday, the guys visited the warehouse first and they were shocked after seeing all that, after that, we moved to our studio, a room where we make videos. Finally, the emotions reached a peak and we got a warning: "Guys, can you be quiet, please, we are working here, you know..."

Marina: You mean, people who have never been to such filming feel awkward?

Mikhail: Well, it hardly has to do with the filming, actually, we can see such reaction when people simply enter a sex shop. If one is laughing and takes this situation with good sense of humor, it is a good sign because laughter means we downgrade the situation. But for an average newcomer, say so, visiting a sex shop is a rather stressful experience.

Vadim: There were no serious cases afterwards. Nothing like that: people came and then a large-scale orgy took place. Not yet. We haven’t got so many visitors. Besides, our project is a low-budget enterprise and we make videos with the windows closed, and we sweat greatly, so, for an outside observer, we look like people after an orgy or a BDSM session, being all sweaty and exhausted.

Olga: The staff looks so cheerful and reasonable because everything that happens is fun.

Vadim: One day we will release everything that was left behind this video.

Marina: Can you think of a video you, personally, like most of all?

Vadim: Is it the anal one? (Giggling)

Mikhail: I agree, the two parts of the anal release.

Olga: Sure, the anal one is our favorite!

Mikhail: We actually took pains to make it, in comparison with other videos launched to date.

Vadim: Meanwhile…a kind of spoiler… we have got even more challenging videos in our plans.


Marina: By the way, tell me about your plans.

Olga: We agreed to make a big video group comprised of three parts to speak about lubricants specifically, about the what, the what with, the where to, because we really want people to do the right thing.

Vadim: The point is that we've got everything written by now, yet without a storyboard, the scenes remain to be fully arranged next. There will be a sketch, it is just on paper yet, it is full of fun, though. To our mind, mostly.

Mikhail: Talking about spoilers: there will be a video from Voronezh also, I won't say which one, and another one from Rostov. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when this article will be published, so, to date, we've got two spoilers like these.

Marina: The lubes topic always arouses great interest. Can I place an order then? It would be nice to mention some cleaning solutions as well.

Vadim: Do you mean the cleaners?

Mikhail: We've already filmed two thirds about lubes. If there is still some space within the video, we will be able to mention the cleaners. If we run out of time, we will make a specific video on the cleaners.

Marina: How do you manage to do it in such a light and easy manner?

Olga: It only looks so.

Vadim: Any kind of creative process causes an awkward expression on one's face at the beginning. It is like...woo, do we really have to do it? Then, one pulls oneself together and sits down to work. Anyway, one has to make an effort to start, no matter how greatly one loves this kind of work.

Mikhail: Sometimes, we come to moments of extreme tiredness, we are overworked and have lack of time or something else, but when we hear Vadim saying "Action", everything grows easy and stress-free. We do not write a screenplay, we just mark the general strategic points we want to talk about. The rest is improvised, just the way we used to work in the retail trade. That is the way I used to advise the customers and teach the interns. I believe this to be the most adequate format for ordinary people. We are not making videos for those who work within the adult industry, they are all well-informed. We are filming for ordinary people. That is our mission!

Marina: Have you got many subscribers on your channel?

Olga: Not many, yet

Mikhail: To date, we have got 304 subscribers.

Vadim: 306! We do grow fast! (Editor's note. Now it is equal 877!)

Olga: It is a sad story, because the English version of Youtube in this area is so open and so greatly inhabited that I saw videos of poorer quality than the ours, still such channel has got more than one hundred thousand subscribers.

Vadim: Well, for such channels, this number is insignificant, even five million seems to be little for them.

Olga: In our country, this topic is so packed with taboos, it seems to be a denial, and we feel hurt with the fact. So, we do our work in a cheerful, merry way to make people get relaxed and realize we are all the same kind of humans.

Vadim: Some people just watch the video and make no subscription, because if they do, they will get such stuff in their feeds. It is difficult for us to step forward and overtake those channels. On the other hand, Youtube is conscious of the fact that we do not fail to place some content weekly, so our channel is going up.

Mikhail: Olya mentioned the foreign segment of Youtube. In my turn, I will speak about the Russian one. It is all about misery. I won't mention any specific channels, but the channels dedicated to sex education and trainings are extremely boring and dull. I can't really understand how they manage to talk about sex toys in such a boring manner. Yet, those guys do succeed in it.

Vadim: Nevertheless, they have got an audience. It is because they emerged at the moment when the area was unexplored.

Marina: Anything else to add?

Mikhail: At EroExpo we plan to target the participants instead of trying to hook visitors or bystanders. I won't disclose the program we have prepared for them (just because we have got nothing prepared yet), but the guys on the stands should be ready as we are going to ask our breathtaking questions that are always naturally funny!

Vadim: They'd better wash their asses.

Marina: We are looking forward to see you on the stand of Sexshoppers!

Olga: You will recognize us immediately!

Mikhail: I'd like to highlight one point that is on everybody's A-list: the relations we have with Astkol. Ladies and gentlemen, do you find I should mention it? Should I place the cards on the table?

We are related to Astkol by the simple fact we work here!

However, ProSack is our own project. We address the end customer, we do not aim to push any products. We say "good things" to describe the things we like, and we say “bad things" to address things we don’t like.

Marina: Do you mean your opinion does not always coincide with the official point of view of the company Astkol-Alfa?

Mikhail: You are absolutely right. Sometimes, our opinions even differ from the company's official view, and that is good. We are open for a variety of suggestions. If you want a sex toy's honest review, we are ready to make it against all odds.

Astkol supports our independence, their message is the following: "Guys, we agree 100%, the filming studio is yours, you are free to act by yourselves."