Adult Training Center Tour

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At the end of February, our film crew visited the training center СЕКС.РФ (SEX.RF). Product Director Oksana Bachinskaya told us how the trainings are held, what is happening on the premises of the center.


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On a warm February day, we came to Taganka, where one of the units of the training center is located. The plans were to interview Oksana (to be published later), but she suggested to start with just observing how everything works.

When the guests open the door (the training center only works with girls so far) they get into the reception area where they can look around, enlist fir trainings, ask questions about the program of future events. A little further is the shopping area where products are grouped not according to brand or characteristics, but according to their purpose. So, for example, there is a separate rack where pelvic floor muscle trainers are assembled.

There are three training rooms in this center: Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon. Each of them is designed for its own class of trainings.

But it’s best to learn about it first hand. Watch a video tour with Oksana Bachinskaya and our special correspondent Alena Rain.

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Over the past month, the situation has changed a lot. Therefore, we cannot but supplement the story with an answer to the urgent question, what measures are being taken at the training center in connection with the coronavirus situation. Here is what Oksana says about this:

“The processing of our training rooms has always been at the highest level, starting from the disinfectants used (we use Maxi – Steril with an exposure time of at least 3 hours), ending with the protocol for covering the halls, which also contains an algorithm for processing all surfaces (even chairs) with disinfectants. Even in this situation of epidemiological alertness, our processing protocols are more than reliable.

But still, we introduce restrictions. Temporarily we do not conduct the training “Deepthroat – easy”, and we do the “Art of oral sex” without demonstrating complex (throat) techniques. We also limited the number of places in groups, so it could be possible to increase the safe distance between the participants up to one meter. Additionally, at your request, we can provide a mask or two if the training time is more than 2 hours”.

In accordance with the latest decisions of the President and the government, all the trainings are temporarily transferred to the webinar format.