Womanizer starts and wins

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Why a “vacuumer” by Womanizer is better than Satisfyer and Cuddly Bird. Not a single clitoris in the editorial office of sexshopers.ru was harmed.


Text: Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

In my opinion, now every more or less promoted brand is striving to launch its own vacuum clitoris stimulator on the market. There are quite affordable models, there are vacuum stimulators with an extension for vaginal stimulation. But there are still market leaders, those who came to it first, have done everything and continue to develop.

I will briefly explain. Vacuum clitoris stimulator is such a cool thing that I sincerely recommend for all girls to try! First of all, to know yourself, as well as the power of your orgasm. I have already hooked a couple of friends, giving them such toys. A small, quiet thing affects your clitoris with air-waves. Alas, guys, I'm sorry, but no man can caress the clitoris like that! The vacuum stimulator can be used in a solo game, or with a partner, and it is especially cool if you entrust this device to your partner. By the way, you can apply it not only to the clitoris, but also to the nipples! And the partner can also do it.

Finally, I got into the hands of the Womanizer! It was this brand that, despite the cost, blew up the market with its technology. No wonder it took millionaire and inventor Michael Lenke seven years and countless orgasms of his testing wife to transform the aquarium pump into the patented Pleasure Air clitoral stimulation technology. The essence of the technology is that the silicone head does not touch the clitoris directly, but has a gentle wave effect. The suction force and pressure are constantly changing, which promotes blood flow to the clitoris and gives a guaranteed orgasm.

Exploring the Womanizer Premium, a pink non-contact clitoral stimulator


The toy comes in a pink box to match the device itself. The packaging is very high quality: made of thick cardboard, with a magnetic lock and two paper seals, which had to be cut – they don't break. For the convenience of opening the box, a “tongue” made of silk ribbon is provided. Already at this stage, I appreciated the brand's concern for the consumer!

The box has a transparent ins ert through which the Womanizer Premium can be viewed. No life-size drawings are needed, you can look at the packaging to estimate how the thing will fit in the palm of your hand. Also, on the front of the box is the promising motto of the device: “Be fun-oriented”. In general, the whole concept of Womanizer and packaging is aimed at recognizing oneself, one's pleasure, and most importantly, the right to it.

The reverse side of the package lists all the technological advantages of the Womanizer, three of which are patented technologies: Pleasure Air, Smart Silence, Autopilot, as well as 12 modes and full moisture protection.

If you open the first “flap” of the box, which is on the magnet, then on the left there will be a loud “Hi!”, repeated several times further in the manual, and another dialogue with the consumer: “Where have you been all my life? You deserve to give yourself luxury and pleasure. Your Premium is unlike anything you've used before”. Here again the direct dialogue of the toy with you, and again the promise of pleasure.

And on the right side – a very reverent description of the benefits of Pleasure Air Technology, the guarantee of silence and the ability to trust the autopilot.

We open the seal, open the second “flap” of the box and again here are calls to relax, focus on pleasure and love yourself. Well, the picture is complemented by a stylish postcard with golden letters: “#IMASTURBATE”. God, all this raised my self-esteem and allowed me to enjoy something once forbidden more than any female coaches and psychologists put together!

Inside the package, everything is also done with care for the consumer's pleasure: the plastic ins ert has recesses for the fingers, so it will not be difficult to get any element. Inside we are waited for by: the Womanizer Premium itself, a storage bag (which leaves black particles of thread on the toy), a manual, a postcard (can be used as a bookmark), a charging wire and a replaceable socket in a pink box.


We can say, it’s weighty – half a centimeter thick. Speaks with the user in 23 languages. Tells how to wash, how to store, how to charge, how to use, how to dispose of. If you are an experienced user, then don't look for anything special there. Although even here care is shown: it is said how to apply the device correctly, you can clamp it with your feet, you can hold it with your hand, use it only with water lubricant, keep it away from children...


Everything is simple here: magnet from one end and a USB from the other – you can already say “as usual”. Charges 120 minutes, sucks 240V. Wire length – 77 cm.


The Womanizer Premium has four buttons and one clever technology. Buttons: on / off – hold down for five seconds, the inclusion is indicated by three lit lights from below, they are also the battery indicator. “Autopilot” button – turn it on and off, and Premium adjusts itself, bringing you to orgasm. When the autopilot mode is on, only one, the topmost lamp in the indicator is on. Well, the buttons for increasing and decreasing the intensity – only 12 modes. The disadvantage of the first two buttons is that, unlike “+” and “-”, they are not convex at all, so in the dark it is not so easy to find them, especially the power button, and if your hands are still, for example, in grease, then it is rather annoying.

And now the main thing: if you turned on your Womanizer, but for some reason it does not work, then do not be alarmed – it works! The toy uses the patented Smart Silence technology – the device turns on when it touches the skin. This is very convenient: if suddenly someone catches you, then you should remove the toy and... silence! Well, or an orgasm overtook you, the toy fell out of your hands, and there is no noise or distracting vibration. It's wonderful: you don't have to look for a device and turn it off, it just goes into standby mode for a while. This also saves those who like to do it in the dark: the Womanizer Premium can be turned on in advance, and it will only start working when you touch the nipples, clitoris or skin in general.

How it works? A capacitive sensor is built-in along the bell contour. Its peculiarity is that it is tuned to a specific dielectric constant, different from the permeability of air, fabric, wood... It works in contact with the skin (the body is an excellent electrical capacitor), and other similar objects with significant electrical capacity, for example, a battery, a smart phone. That is, the sensor measures the electrical capacity of the object to which it is leaning, gives a command to close the electrical circuit and turn on the device. In general, simple physics, nothing more. By the way, water is also an excellent conductor, so the device works under water, but it is inaudible and imperceptible even when the water fluctuates.

Turning on the toy is the start of the membrane, which, by its vibration, creates that very air-wave stimulation – a patented technology.

Womanizer Premium Features

The toy is made of velvety medical silicone, trimmed with a thin strip of ABS plastic. The silicone initially had a light but pleasant aroma, which disappeared after 2-3 washes. There is also a part of plastic under the nozzle, on which it is written that this is all German technology, but made in China. There is also a designation for the degree of waterproofness (IPX7), compliance of the product with EC (CE) requirements, well, and an icon that the toy must be disposed of due to the presence of a battery, and not just thrown in to the trash . By the way, among companies I only know Kazanova that has a toy recycling program. A thin, slightly transparent membrane is clearly visible in the bell – it is this membrane that, by its vibration, creates an air flow that non-contact stimulates the clitoris, causes blood flow to it, and, as a result, an orgasm.

The length of the Womanizer Premium is 19.5 cm, the width at the widest part is 6 cm. But in general, such parameters are not particularly important in this toy. Weight – 128 grams. The dimensions of the bell are 1.6 x 1 cm, the depth is almost 2 cm. The advantage of the toy is that there is a replaceable bell, it is 2.5 cm deeper. The replaceable bell is cool and convenient – it will fit any clitoris. The nozzle is removed in one motion, there is a small notch to catch on, which is also a plus. Be sure to remove the nozzle when you rinse the toy, just keep in mind that if water remains inside the nozzle or on the socket, the toy can work immediately when turned on, since the water closes the circuit and starts the membrane.

The level of the produced noise is 50-70 dB. It's just that when you touch the skin, the toy is very quiet, but in the process of direct work – near the lubricated clitoris – the toy is already noisier. However, 70 dB is the maximum at the most powerful mode.

100% waterproof is always cool as I personally love testing toys in the bathroom!


Mmmmmm... This is something indescribable! In general, for those who are not familiar with non-contact / vacuum-wave / air stimulation of the clitoris, I do not even know how to describe the process. No, it has nothing to do with vibration. Thank you Womanizer for having no vibration in this toy at all! Imagine hundreds of airy tongues caressing your clitoris, you can barely feel this touch. There are a lot of them, and they are everywhere, but at the same time they are very punctual... All my friends who tried it, without knowing about it before, are definitely hooked. No, no man is capable, in my opinion, of caressing the clitoris like that, and not even one man is capable of such a thing.

The Womanizer Premium sucks very gently, gently, delicately, nevertheless, it brings you to orgasm guaranteed and very quickly, although it depends on the mode. The first 3-4, in my opinion, are too weak for the clitoris, that for the nipples, but the regime with 6-8 can be straight ahead briskly start and... finish. But the best part is that Premium still brings you to orgasm very delicately, there is no pain or discomfort either in the process or after. Life hack: if you first use the device on the nipples, and then apply it to the clitoris, then the orgasm will be better (and in general, if you have three such toys like mine, then...)! Interestingly, water enhances the effect on the clitoris, and if you use the toy under water, the pleasure will overtake faster.

The device is great to use both solo and in pairs. But its shape is still ideal for solo: the toy just fits perfectly in the hand, and it can also be easily squeezed by the hips.

Autopilot function

I didn't understand it. I tried it several times, but either I didn't have enough patience, or this autopilot didn't have time to adapt to me? Yes, it sucks, yes, there is a pleasant effect, but I never was able to wait for an orgasm: I had to switch completely to manual control. Although the “autopilot” can also be partially controlled: turn on the function and increase the speed with the same “+” and “-”. But this kind of swing on it I personally did not like.

For fun, I compared the Womanizer Premium with what I had: Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture and Cuddly Bird.

Satisfyer Luxury Haute Couture Vacuum Wave Stimulator with Vibration

ABS plastic, leather and gold trim, the nozzle is made of medical grade silicone. Unlike the Womanizer Premium, the Satisfyer Luxury also has a vibration function: 11 wave modes and 10 vibrations. Three control buttons: one turns on, off and switches only vibration in a circular pattern, “+” and “-” turn on, off and switch the wave stimulation. The activation and deactivation of wave stimulation is performed by pressing “+” for three seconds. You can use only vibration, only vacuum or all at the same time – at will.

The length of the toy is 17.5 cm, excluding the nozzle, the width is 6.5 cm, and the weight is 154 grams. Noise level – 70-75 dB. Degree waterproof (IPX7).

The bell is round, 1.5 cm in diameter, but the depth is 4 cm. Unlike the Womanizer, the index finger easily fits in to this bell. Accordingly, the toy is ideal for any clitoris or nipple.

But, unlike the Womanizer Premium, the Satisfyer Luxury is not so convenient: its shape assumes constant holding by the hand, although you can pinch it with your hips. However, the position of the hand is not as comfortable as when using the Womanizer Premium.

The Satisfyer 's membrane is not so delicate, plus the wide bell adds noise and increases the stimulation at the same time, but still, after orgasm, there is a slight painful sensation.

Well, if you use Satisfyer with vibration, then vacuum stimulation is not so noticeable. In my opinion, in such toys vibration is not much needed: for there are wands or vibrobullets. Well, the hand still gets tired of vibration, and it adds noise. In general, 1: 0 in favor of the Womanizer Premium.

Vacuum-wave stimulator with vibration Cuddly Bird

Bird was my dream! In general, I love birds. And her aesthetics, that a night light cage... And she was my first real “sucker”.

Cuddly Bird is entirely made of medical silicone, unlike previous “colleagues”, it does not even have a visible membrane – everything is covered with silicone, but at the same time, it does not have such a degree of waterproofness: you cannot dive with it.

The height of the bird is 8 cm, the width is 6 cm, and the weight is 137 grams. Noise level: 50-70 dB (at vibration it is higher).

Control is carried out with only two buttons: one turns on and switches vibration, the other – vacuum. Either vacuum alone or vibration alone can be used. Both vibration and stimulation in three modes. The wave stimulation is even rougher than that of the Satisfyer Luxury, I believe, the absence of such a membrane is the reason, so that in the process you have to interrupt from time to time, otherwise painful sensations begin, which does not happen with the Womanizer Premium: you just apply it and that’s all.

But the main problem of the “bird” is its beak: diameter – 1 cm, depth – 1.5 cm. For example, it is no longer suitable for stimulating the nipples, and not every clitoris will fit. Surprisingly, the achievement of pleasure depends on the position of the “bird”: you have to position it upside down, but because of its shape you have to hold it: it is no longer convenient to clamp it with your feet.

However, its aesthetics are incredibly impressive to me. However, when compared with the Womanizer Premium in terms of the effect, then there is just 10: 0 in favor of the Womanizer.


And I'm not saying that the two listed suckers do not even have a trace of such technology as Smart Silence. Moreover, although other market players have learned to copy the principle of vacuum-wave stimulation, the patented Pleasure Air technology gives the most delicate membrane operation, leading to a gentle and inevitable orgasm. And if you haven’t tried this type of clitoral stimulation yet, I definitely recommend it to discover new facets of pleasure, or, let's be honest about it, to finally experience an orgasm!

Thanks to WoW Tech Group for providing the stimulator.