Shackles of love

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Freeing her hands, our editor told how she had a product from the Ouch! brand.


Text: Anastasia Karpushkina
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

Fr om the outside it may seem that testing handcuffs is useless. Well, shackles they are, what to take fr om them? This is not a lubricant wh ere everything is important from the convenience of packaging to the composition, and not a sex toy, wh ere a lot of things depend on the depth of vibration and waterproofness alone. Just handcuffs. But it turned out that everything is not so simple.

Packaging – 4 of 5

I got my hands on a small red cardboard box with a silver-metal bottom from the Ouch! brand. The picture shows the thighs of a girl in her underwear with her hands behind her back. Bright red handcuffs bound the girl's wrists. Beautiful! The packaging hints at how to properly use the shackles. And I thought, they say, what if I'm a policeman and I feel sorry for the hands of criminals? What are you telling me? (joke)

The box has a hygienic sticker, which, no doubt, is good news. But a pleasant surprise awaited me inside too: the handcuffs themselves were also in a separate sealed bag. Yes, yes and yes again. Fine! True, in trying to open the box, I hurt my hands – sharp edges. For this I subtracted a few points.

Manual – 4.5 out of 5

The instruction text is printed on the box in 8 languages. The Russian translation is quite good, but I don't like phrases like “play hard”. Immediately I remember the Snickers ad and I want to answer: “Kiss me on the tutu!” (if you know what I mean). However, I am very glad that the Russian language is present on the packaging. In addition, the manufacturers of the product (Shots company) tried and schematically depicted hands and feet in chains. This speaks of the versatility of the device and helps the user a lot.

First impression – 5 out of 5

The handcuffs are made of dense and pleasant to the touch artificial leather: it looks rich. Each seam is well-stitched – no unnecessary threads. The locks and fasteners are made of silver metal and look quite sturdy, and the design itself is very cute. There are as many as 6 holes in the belt, which greatly expands the circle of people whose wrist diameter will fit in handcuffs. The length of the entire product is 26 cm, and the width is 6 cm. I have absolutely no questions about the appearance, only delight.

Usage – 4 out of 5

At first, I tried to handcuff myself on my own and realized that this was impossible. The fastening process itself is quite time-consuming, so it cannot be done alone and quickly. When my partner helped me, I realized that the material from which the shackles are made is very soft. No seam has dug into my wrists, which means that you can wear handcuffs as long as you want – there will be no marks.

The locks fasten and unfasten very easily and conveniently: oops – and now you are chained to the bed.

Total– 4 with a little out of 5

I can't help but remind you that this assessment is subjective. In general, the handcuffs are very nice, high quality and comfortable. They look great on both male and female wrists. With legs, however, it can be more difficult. The shackles are quite strong and cope with their main task. And if the speed with which you want to fasten and tie down your partner is not very important to you, then you will surely give this product a solid A.

The accessory was provided for testing by Shots.