Puff vacuumer from Unbound

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The editorial team of sexshopers.ru tested the Puff vacuum stimulator from the Unbound brand.


Text: Anastasia Karpushkina
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

A vacuumer is a toy that, in my opinion, every woman should possess. The sensations that you experience at the moment of such stimulation are so indescribable that even a writer can hardly describe them (this is about myself).

There are those guys who honorably tore the red ribbon in this race called “surprise and satisfy a woman” – the Womanizer brand (company WoW Tech Group). And then there are those who are trying to recreate the patented technology. Someone does better, and someone worse. Therefore, I read with great interest the reviews in the “Column of Sex Bloggers” section on different vacuum cleaners and I never refuse if given the opportunity to test something on my own.

They say that it is a bad idea to compare, but it is absolutely impossible not to. I have three different brands of vacuum devices, and I like each one in some way. Among them is Puff from the brand Unbound, which is new for Russia.

Box, appearance and equipment – 3 out of 5

The first thing I noticed was the stylish box and the color. Yes, this is not a thing that goes unnoticed, but it's great that the stimulator is not in the basic color (there is also a pink toy, and I have a mint one). I would say that at the moment the device is straight in a fashionable color, scroll up the page and look at the photo again – it’s cool!

The box opens quite hard, but inside I found a manual, a wire and the toy itself. There is no storage bag, at least not in my copy. This is pretty sad, because everything sticks to the device, and there is no protection against it.

The manual is made in the form of a small book and is all in English. On the one hand, it is international, everything is fine. But on the other hand, for the cost (around 6,000 rubles) they could have added more languages. Or at least a bag! (its absence upsets me greatly).

How the device feels and controls – 5 out of 5

The whole device is covered with silicone, pleasant to the touch, it is quite smooth and smells like something plastic (soaped 8 times, the smell did not go). The toy is very compact and small. Trying to describe it, I would use words like “baby”, “cutie”. The device is so neat that you don't want to let it go at all.

Puff has 3 buttons. One turns the toy on and off, it shows the brand logo. The second and the third are “+” and “-” respectively, they allow you to switch to the next speed and roll back to the previous one.

The buttons are convex and press quite comfortably, however, you need to make some effort. The control keys are not developed, that is, it does not become easier to press over time. I think this is a plus, because any damage in the control can lead to the loss of the toy.

Features and capabilities – 5 out of 5

The toy has 5 stimulation modes – that's all. No patterns. I personally do not like all these patterns, so this is a ok for me. However, someone might not like it, pay attention to this.

The first mode is very similar to vacuum stimulation, but the harder the toy works, the more it vibrates. After turning off, the mode is not remembered, that is, the next time you switch on the device, you will have to start over.

The Puff is waterproof (I drowned it in the bathroom, everything is fine) and quiet. Not silent, but, for example, when the movie is on and under the blanket, it will not be heard.

The step between the speeds is excellent: neither small nor large. I think this device is perfect for girls with medium and low sensitivity, because the latter speed, to put it bluntly, is quite strong.

How I liked it

I think this is a great toy for couples. For me it was not very convenient to use solo own due to the peculiarities of the structure of my body. The control buttons are located so that someone else could hold the device and watching as the orgasm comes closer and closer. If you use a toy without a partner, it is extremely difficult to crawl up and switch control modes, especially at the speed you like.

If a girl has a small hood and an “open” vulva, then the device will open more – here it will have all the possibilities. In a different scenario, it will be quite problematic to control, and holding with your hands and switching even more so.

Total – 4 out of 5

This is a fairly simple device, despite its unusual appearance. It does not have a pouch, which greatly complicates storing, and I personally feel comfortable using it only with a partner. Nevertheless, magnetic charging and water resistance, beautiful color and packaging, ease of use – all this definitely says “yes” to the device. So, if all my “but” do not stop you, have pleasant orgasms!

The toy was provided for testing by the wholesale company Soho Wellness.