French kiss after hot summer

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A delightfully beautiful vibrator from the French Kiss collection by Calexotics. Is it as good as it is handsome?


Text: JC
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

I have dreamed of this toy ever since the article about the new French Kiss line from Calexotics appeared on the site. An incredibly beautiful bright red tulip named Casanova caught the eye, and an unusual shape with a thickened "drop" at the end of a flexible “stem” excited the imagination, making me wonder how it all works.

Technical details

The toy consists of two vibrators connected by a flexible stem or a thin hose. The main "bud" contains a powerful motor, but the main feature is the textured surface with a tiny tongue inside the flower. At the other end of the stem there is an equally powerful vibro-bullet (and not an air-pump as you might expect). The motors are independently controlled by buttons located on the main bud which allows you to immerse the vibrobullet wherever you please. Moreover, a tiny hole for plug charging is also located on the bud. This entire structure is covered with the most delicate silicone, which at the same time manages not to collect dust or animal hair.

Each motor is capable of vibrating in 14 modes, but there are also independent control and options, when one of the motors is turned off, we get as many as 224 combinations, although hardly anyone will have the patience to go through all of them.

The toy is equipped with a chip that allows you to memorize the last combination of modes, there is a “travel lock”, protecting against accidental activation of vibration in the suitcase. According to the manufacturer's assurances, it can be used both in and out of water. However, it seems to me that you should not immerse the toy in water for a long time, remember about plug charging.

The full charge time is 100 minutes, the working time is 50-70 minutes, depending on the power of the selected vibration modes.

Impressions of use

Looking ahead, I will say: It didn’t disappoint, but I didn’t tame it right away!

Ah, this is a delightful anticipation of discovering a new sex toy. What will I see, what pleasue? Of course, for a start, I want to get acquainted with the bud and with its tiny tongue. If the toy is pressed tightly to the vulva, then you will not feel any tongue. Just a powerful deep vibration, at the level of a good wand. Just press the bud to you with your hand, and the hand quickly gets tired of this vibration. Better to pinch the toy by moving your legs. Although this is a matter of taste, of course. But if the bud is slightly pushed back, then the tongue is quite clearly felt on the clitoris, and these sensations are quite acute and unusual. Orgasm can be reached unexpectedly quickly.

Let’s make a pause, however. We still need to figure out how the second end works! There is nothing complicated there. Ins ert it into the vagina, even into the anus, and - turn on the vibration! When the stimulation becomes double, pleasure instantly increases and all that remains is to sort out these 224 combinations, as long as there is enough strength. However, there is a small problem here. The control buttons are rather tight and not too convex, so in the heat of the process it can be somewhat difficult to grope and press them! But if you managed to find the desired mode, you can take your hands away and just enjoy. At the same time, the stem also vibrates, adding pleasant stimulation.

I like that the toy gives options for impact on every taste: both in terms of power and in terms of application.

Another thing from a series of “do not repeat at home”

Well, how to resist vaginal-anal use in the presence of two vibrating parts on a flexible coupling

In general, I tried to insert the bud in to the vagina in combination with a vibro-bullet in the anus. And I liked this option the most. Some unusual sensations in the vagina from the uvula, combined with fullness and powerful vibration, plus a deeply inserted vibrobullet, also with a powerful mode, lead to orgasm at once.

It is obvious that it is practically impossible to change the modes in this variant.

(Editor's note: we still do not recommend using a toy in this way, it is not intended for this.)

That's all. I think there is no need to remind you of careful hygiene and the use of only water-based lubricants? Well, if anything, I warned you!

And yes, in this collection there is also a toy consisting only of a bud, without a ponytail with a vibration bullet. Interesting too!

The Casanova double stimulator was provided for testing by the wholesale company S-Market.