Crazy Dona

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In the editorial office of, we smeared, sniffed and tried a massage lotion from the American brand System JO.


Text and photo: Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

I love massage! For me, this is pleasure in itself, bringing pleasure sometimes is higher than any sex. Moreover, I also adore self-massage, so I am always glad to all kinds of oils, candles, lotions, and I do not need a partner for this at all.

For the past couple of months, I have had an orgasm with Dona by System JO Naughty Sinful Spring massage lotion. The aroma that lasts for a long time on the skin, the texture and effect – the most delicate silky skin – simply cannot but lead to a wild delight!

The lotion is packaged in a convenient 235 ml dispenser bottle. The main convenience is the dispenser: you won't spill the product, you won't overflow it and you don't need to try not to lose the cap. Since the consumption is economical, this volume is enough for a long time. The packaging, by the way, is well thought out: the bottle is narrow, so it fits easily in the hand, and its entire surface is covered with a label, thanks to which it does not slip out of the hands if they are all in lotion. However, fr om the experience of using various creams with a dispenser, I can say that the main inconvenience is that then it is very difficult to fish out the leftovers.

On the front of the label there are: the name (Dona), the logo, the motto of the line “Let me love you” that is close to me in spirit, the name of the product itself in several languages (massage lotion), and, most interestingly: information on the presence of aphrodisiacs and pheromones in the composition ... I must say right away, given that the aroma of the lotion cheers up and easily adjusts to a gentle romantic mood, apparently, there are pheromones and aphrodisiacs in its composition!

On the back of the label there is information in five languages on how to use the product (just one line: “apply a small amount of the product to the desired area and massage gently into the skin”), a warning also in five languages (“keep out of the reach of children if it causes irritation, stop using immediately”) and composition. The latter is listed in English only.

The composition is quite extensive, which made me happy, water is in the first place, and not some kind of glycerin. Let's take a closer look at what Dona is made of.

Further in the composition are:
– soybean oil;
– ceatrile alcohol (it makes the skin soft);
– petrolatum (aka petroleum jelly, has moisturizing properties);
– cyclopentasiloxane (used even in children's cosmetics, has conditioning properties);
– glyceryl stearate (emulsifier);
– dimethiconol (silicone polymer with moisturizing properties);
– PEG-100 (emulsifier and is most often used in cosmetics as a cream base);
– cocoa butter;
– pheromones;
– extract of the root of the plant pueraria mirifica (promotes the production of natural collagen);
– cucumber extract (known for whitening and moisturizing properties);
– polysorbate 60 (improves the absorption of cosmetic products);
– Shea Butter;
– aminomethyl propanol (pH regulator);
– xanthan gum (herbal product, preservative, moisturizes the skin);
– acrylate / С10-30-alkyl acrylate crosspolymer (stabilizer) – this is wh ere it became interesting – most of the "green" against this additive in cosmetics, since its production is harmful to the environment, some generally call this polymer a microplastic, although it is actively used in various cosmetics;
– diazolidinil (preservative, but also questionable, may be an allergen);
– methylparaben and propylparaben (popular preservatives);
– perfume and benzyl benzoate (antiseptic and aroma fixer).

The texture of the lotion is slightly silky, delicate, perfectly white, without any impurities or inclusions. A small dose is dispensed, which is sufficient to apply the product to the hand or thigh. The lotion spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling hydrated. But it is still not possible to use it exactly as a massage agent, since the lotion is quickly absorbed, and the hands no longer slide over the body. What is nice - there is no feeling of oil or film left on the skin, it is very pleasing. In my opinion, the best application for this lotion is body skin care and, most importantly, the creation of a special, romantic, erotic mood. This is facilitated not only by its moisturizing texture, but also by its mind-boggling smell!

The name of the fragrance Naughty Sinful Spring speaks for itself – this is something incredible! The manufacturer claims that there are notes of peony, violet, almond and verbena in the smell, but, to be honest, the smell is so complex, deep and mesmerizing that it is almost impossible to decompose it into components! The aroma is a little heavy, there are light oriental notes, but the smell is not obtrusive. Something similar to the aromas of a hot night, full of various colors, with a touch of light breeze, a little later, a violet sounds distinctly. Based on how Dona cheers you up and sets you in a very erotic way, I believe that it contains aphrodisiacs and pheromones. I began to use this tool when I needed a certain attitude: love for myself, passion for myself, directly desire for myself and the feeling of how delightful I am. It was the fragrance that tuned me into such thoughts: I literally wanted myself!

Please note that Dona is a massage lotion that should only be used on the skin, not instead of a lubricant. And it is also not an edible “toy”, but, nevertheless, I could not help but taste it. At first, the lotion is sweetish, and then in the mouth, which is noteworthy for a very short time, the taste of fragrances remains, not very nasty, but chemical. In general, I do not recommend eating it.

Total: a wonderful product for skin care (despite the composition), the texture and aroma are endlessly pleasing, so just as a mood thing, for yourself, not for foreplay, it will suit perfectly! The scent does not bother at all, moreover, I have become a frantic fan of it, and what I will do when this magical remedy ends – I do not know.

The lotion was provided for testing by System JO with the assistance of the S-Market wholesale company.