Shine frivolously in Spark by Le Frivole

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The main question of this collection is how the girls' best friends behave, so we tried to test these outfits properly.

Text and photo: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Photo 1-3: Phtosha

Russian version

I love underwear, not only erotic, but also casual. I have lots of both, but nothing unusual, for example, no overall. However, when I saw the Spark collection fr om Le Frivole, I really wanted to have such overall in my wardrobe! In addition to the overall, I also received tights fr om this line.

Both are made of black mesh and decorated with rhinestones. Tights are ordinary, I wear them under an evening outfit, and the overall – they are exclusively for erotic games, but first things first.


Both the tights and the overall are packed in a cardboard box, the front of which shows the model in the overall, or her legs in the tights. We also see the designations that this item is of good quality (Premium quality), fits any figure (Comfort fit), and on the packaging of the overall there is still a mark that it is stretchable (Flexible). The reverse side of the package shows the same model – back view. On the sides – information about fabric composition (90% nylon and 10% spandex), care methods (only hand wash in cold water, do not iron, do not bleach) and size range (S/L and XL/3XL for the overalls and one size for tights). The tights, like the overall, were wrapped in thin paper with the brand's logo.

Immediately a minus on the packaging: the cardboard is of very low quality, greases quickly remain, and the cuts begin to wrinkle. However, there is a plus in such packaging: it can be easily recycled.

Tights and overall

At first glance, both (especially the overall!) Look very cool! In overall, it is not immediately clear where the hole is: wh ere the top is, wh ere the bottom. But do not be alarmed by such a small size, as the mesh stretches well and is easy to put on. The entire mesh is evenly covered with small and slightly larger rhinestones. The tights immediately showed a failure: rhinestones were at different heights! And when I put them on, it was very noticeable: on one leg the rhinestones were 5-7 centimeters higher than on the other! But they have a plus: a wide elastic band on the belt, which fixes them securely, and due to the peculiarities of the mesh, it can be pulled even to the ears, literally, you can put it even on the hips, even on the waist. It is very convenient! The elastic fixes well, but it is a little thick if you put on such tights under something very tight.

For fun, I weighed both items of clothing: tights weigh 34 grams, overall – 53 grams.


Well, what kind of fabric is it, in general, can such a mesh be called a fabric?

The mesh is not very dense, stretches very well, does not dig into the skin, at the same time not only fits the body, but also supports it. The seams are only on the toes, that of the tights, that of the overall.

When putting on the overall, the mesh may begin to creep apart, unfortunately, increasing the neckline on the chest and back, so it was with me. On my 44-46 overall fit almost perfectly (size on the box – M / L), the only problem was in the sleeves: they were too narrow, especially on the shoulder. This caused some discomfort during wearing, and again it further “enlarged” the upper neckline. The bottom is very comfortable access, which can also increase with active use. Although the mesh breaks, it is completely imperceptible in the structure of the fabric, which pleases. In general, the overall perfectly fits the body, supports the chest, while not flattening it!

Another disadvantage of the mesh is that it easily collects hair and if there are animals in the house, then this is generally a nightmare! And the antistatic agent does not save, and washing does not really save, since the hairs are woven into the mesh structure.


The rhinestones are attached quite well: less than 10 pieces fall off each time they are put on, given the density of their arrangement - this is completely imperceptible. The rhinestones are glued very well, so both the overall and the tights are handwashed and rinsed with soap and water! After washing, only a few pieces were lost at most! It is easy and simple to wash products, and they do not fade, but due to the structure of the mesh, they dry for a long time even in air.

The disadvantage of “girls' best friends” (as the manufacturer calls the design) is that rhinestones cling to each other when moving, especially when walking, sometimes it scares a little, since rhinestones can stick quite strongly. Nevertheless, since the pebbles are glued very well: even if one half of the stone is peeled off, and it dangles, then it can hold out for a very long time – it will fall off only as a result of either a rough process of removing clothes.

I was glad that in the process of interaction with a partner rhinestone do not cause much discomfort to the partner's skin – they are not felt in any way.

Please note that the dress can cling to the rhinestones on the tights, but it all depends on the fabric. My dress was made of the finest quality knitwear, so it did not suffer at all.


In general, the collection is very pleasing! Tights, despite the obvious fail with different heights of rhinestones, can be safely worn with evening dresses! And the overall will effectively diversify role-playing games, especially when you are in a dominant position. But most importantly, all this looks very stylish and is not at all cheap (in the photo – the author is in this outfit – judge for yourself), so you have to take it unambiguously! I will say right away that such outfits definitely need black stilettos! I had to buy these on purpose.

The overall and tights were provided for a test drive by the manufacturer – Le Frivole.