The project “Sinners' Voice”: how it started

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Our portal filmed an interview with Viktoriya Garmoniya.


Russian version

We met Viktoriya to know how the project Sinners' Voice started and how it is doing now. Who invented this project and what does it serve for?

Now we know almost everything about it and we are eager to share this information with our readers.

We discussed the following topics:

– How did the project start?
– What is the core idea of the project?
– How big is your team? What do the team members do?
– What is the ultimate goal of the project?
– Who is your basic audience: men or women?
– How do you engage characters for your posts and videos?
– Were there cases when people recognized a face behind the mask?
– How often do you film your videos?
– How did you survive the lockdown?
– Do you have any Big Boss?
– How are your meetings usually arranged?
– What are the ways to participate in live issues?
– How do you introduce yourself on the phone?
– What can people find on your YouTube channel?
– Are your parents aware of what you do?
– “Becoming cool”, what does it mean for you personally?
– Have you ever faced condemnation?
– Do you receive many messages in your Direct?
– Do you have a boyfriend?
– The key question is: what is the right place to meet a guy?
– Personal wishes to our subscribers
– (...behind the scenes)

The complete version of the video interview is available on our YouTube channel.

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