The most “delicious” massage oils

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Lalo Bye tested several bottles with different scents for us.


Text and photos: Lalo Bye

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Massage is an integral part of my life. Any tactile contact with a loved one is incredibly pleasant to me. As far as my partner is concerned, I’ll give up my kingdom for the massage. For us, this is one of the most important forms of intimacy, a way to show attention and provide support. Sometimes this is a great prelude to “purr”. But more often than not, the massage therapist has no sexual connotation.

With such a strong love for this practice, we tried a whole bag of different creams and massage oils. Today I will talk about some of them.

Titillating Massage Oil YESforLOV (France)

Frankly speaking, barely getting to know the YESforLOV brand, I immediately fell in love. I like literally everything, especially their perfumery fragrances. I still do not give up hope of finding their women's perfume, but, alas, I do not see it on sale.

At the time of purchasing Titillating Massage Oil, I was literally like from the meme: “Shut up and take my money!” Its aroma is simply mind-blowing. I even sometimes (almost always) felt sorry to transfer the product to massage. On days of bad or, on the contrary, playful mood, I put it on my skin instead of perfume – it set the tone for the day.

It is difficult to tell more about the scent, but to create at least some picture I will voice the composition: extracts of frangipani (plumeria), passionfruit, damiana, rosemary, ginger and sweet almond oil. Can you imagine how cool it all smells?

Titillating Massage Oil is a great massage partner! It remarkably softens the skin, making it the softest velvety, and gives a long-lasting glide. And when the hands are rubbed against the skin, a light and natural warming effect occurs. The oil itself perfectly moisturizes and is absorbed into the skin, without creating the effect of a “greasy film”. Does not leave marks on linen and clothes. After it, you don't want to rush to the shower and wash it off as soon as possible.

The bottle has a very convenient dispenser, which makes consumption very economical. A bottle of 100 ml was enough for me for almost a year. But I did not use it so often for a full body massage, but cunningly saved it for a special evening when I was in a very, very romantic mood.

Conclusion: I recommend it to everyone! Excellent composition and aroma, perfect for both body massage and daily personal care.

Massage oils from Shunga (Canada)

The range of these oils is just perfect for massage. They warm and soften, moisturize and tone the skin, leaving it smooth, radiant and pleasantly scented.

Shunga bottles contain 100% natural cold pressed oil with vitamin E.

For my taste, this is just perfect. I took a few demo miniatures for testing and was convinced of their economical consumption. A full 240 ml bottle will last for a very long time, even with regular use.

The line of perfumery fragrances is very extensive, and everyone can find a pleasant aroma for themselves. Or even choose an option without fragrances, this is also in the line. I tried 3 options:

– Romance Sparkling Strawberry Wine: very pleasant aroma of strawberry gum with something refreshing, I liked it;

Serenity Monoi: the floral scent of Tahitian monoi with subtle notes of coconut was also met with love;

Irresistible Asian Fusion: citrus notes, kiwi, mango and dragon fruit (pitahaya) are heard in it, but I did not like it, one of the components of the composition was very knocked out, and I always noticed it.

The oil does not cover the skin with a greasy film and after it you do not want to rush to the shower to rinse immediately. The exception was the use of Asian Fusion, but only because I didn't like the perfume at all.

Conclusion: I advise everyone who loves massage and practices it often! Economical consumption, the composition is just a fairy tale. The only caveat, if there is an opportunity to smell the testers before purchasing – be sure to do it! After all, out of the three tasted fragrances, I liked only two.