Sex party in St. Petersburg

vladimir and vlada , party , St. Petersburg

How is the sex party going? Is it obligatory to have sex there, or is it possible to watch? Who goes there, and most importantly – why? Honest review through the eyes of direct participants in one of the parties in St. Petersburg.


Text and photo: Vladimir and Vlada

Russian version

We didn't want to write a review right away, in hot pursuit. The impressions had to settle down so that there was no continuous stream of emotions.

There are several sex parties in St. Petersburg. There are performances – based ones – everyone is in interesting costumes, themed evenings. There is an awareness of their physicality – there is little penetrative sex, more hugs, strokes. There are dark swing parties, but not as beautiful and large-scale as YSF. We learned about them from the announcement in one TG channel: there is a poster for a month all over Russia. We jumped into the last carriage - the decision to go arose spontaneously an hour before the start.

We pay for participation (couples pay, girls enter for free), I hastily put on a new dress and harness, V1 buttons up my shirt, two presses of the spray bottle of my favorite Savages on the collar, a choker on the neck, and now we are in a taxi.

Center of St.Peterburg's, a beautiful historic building. We are on the last floor. At the entrance – gorgeous girls, they also came to have fun. We exchange glances, smile, understanding why we came here, we come up. They offer bracelets: we take white ones for couples. There were also red (ready for active interaction), black (observers), green (ready for gang-bang). Nobody saw greens.

Inside there are two large halls, in one of them – handsome men in suits and girls in evening dresses chatting, drinking whiskey and champagne, on the wall is a huge screen with a porn film. Among the invited guests – a participant in one of the films, then she undresses, the rest will catch up.

In the description of the party there is a decoding of the bracelets and the basic rules: the most important thing is “no means no”. Everyone will follow this rule: most of the guests are here not for the first time. The rest are extremely ethical and ask permission for any interaction – including a hug. After one o'clock in the morning, guests are invited to undress.

Twelve, night. We, confused, stand at the wall, drink whiskey, I sometimes go to the balcony, not even for a smoke, but to strike up a conversation at least. It seems impossible that in a couple of hours all these people will have hot sex, and we will immediately see 15-20 people at the same time in one room, but it was just like that. I meet Max on the balcony, he came here with a girl. He is a seasoned swinger, has been at a bunch of parties in Russia and around the world. He says that it is cool and beautiful here.

We are admiring the view from the open balcony. The guys call us to a private room (there are two of them, with huge beds, condoms near, lubricants and napkins too). It is half past one. Someone offers to get undressed.

I take off my dress and stay in my underwear. V1 takes off his shirt. I look out into the hall – many have been exposed, there is some kind of a fashion show of incredibly beautiful lingerie, shoulder straps, accessories; tanned gorgeous bodies (I have collected so many contacts of good plastic surgeons there! Touched and looked at their work).

And then everything is like a fog, we go into a private room, someone caresses my back. I am getting to know L., she came with her husband. We kiss, V1 is looking at me, I kiss L's husband.

I pull off the underwear from V1, call new acquaintances, give him a three-way blowjob, two girls on the side, one in the center. Pictures change like in a kaleidoscope. Behind me is L.'s husband, and V1 is on top of her.

Ahead, a girl is having sex with her husband, we almost collide with our foreheads, she moans – I look at her, we kiss. We both feel good, the general pleasure is almost palpable, flows down in a thick veil around. Bizarre combinations of naked bodies, I'm terribly thirsty. All around is a mixture of Eyes Wide Shut and the finest porn I've ever seen. I whisper to V1: “Happy birthday, honey!”

It’s about six a.m. We get together in a closer company and leave for one of the couples to sit, chill, and have a lazy morning sex again (did you know that five people can do this at the same time with each other?). We leave for home around nine, tired, satisfied, impressed.

P.S. We really liked this format as an interesting experiment in our sex life. It was incredible, I thought it only happens in films. However – we are not deep in the subject. As in BDSM – we take elements, but do not go deeply into the topic, so it is in swing – it was amazing, exciting, and we will definitely go it again.

But the format that is closer to us is cozy threesomes, when everything is so slow, viscous, and the three of us are one whole for this night.

Such parties are very costly in terms of energy, you feel so much that after it I and V1 were really tired and even lost some sensitivity.

We want to once again plunge into this atmosphere of debauchery, luxury and beautiful bodies... but I would not be able to do it all the time.