Intimate gel cream Intimate Serum by Yesforlov

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If you want to always be sensual, healthy, orgasmic – this intimate cosmetics is for you, advises blogger Hanna Play.

Text and photos: Hanna Play

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Love, pleasure, the birth of a new life... Shame, fear, orgasm... Intimacy, taboo, pain, eroticism, temptation, revelation – all these are associations to the word “vulva”.

I love asking women about how they take care of themselves in the intimate area. Most say no way. Or are limited to hair removal and hygiene.

If women paid as much attention to the vulva and yoni as they do to the face, they would be much happier.

What's below is above! And vice versa.

I would like to present you a means for confessing your love to yourself – Intimate Serum “Comfort and protection of the V-zone” from the French brand YesforLOV.

The packaging is made in a recognizable brand design – laconic and stylish. The cap closes tightly, guaranteeing the safety of the gel-cream. Convenient dispenser – a couple of clicks and you're done, you can apply!

Light gel-like formula with golden shimmer and sensual aroma – notes of vanilla and jasmine. It is difficult to resist and not apply all over the body!

The composition of hyaluronic acid, jojoba essential oil, sunflower seed wax, chamomile extract, aloe vera, African kigelia, mallow and burdock extracts is an ideal combination for moisturizing, caring for mucous membranes, relieving irritations and maintaining the tone and youth of the intimate zone.

From personal experience

I use this for yoni massage – the aroma and appearance of the gel promotes relaxation and aesthetic pleasure, in addition to the benefits and hydration.

I have very sensitive skin, and sometimes the lace panties rub, causing discomfort. I apply a little of this product with light massage movements, and voila! After a few hours, everything is back to normal.

When using a menstrual cup (even with lubricant), there are unpleasant sensations at the entrance to the vagina. It is especially important to take maximum care of yourself during menstruation, so I do not regret a couple of minutes for additional self-care for my beloved.

In case of dryness, irritation, during the climacteric period, with the post-effect from antibiotics, hypersensitivity, diaper rash, chafing, I recommend Intimate Serum as a care product to normalize the condition.

I dream that every woman takes care of herself day in and day out. Do not think that the intimate area does not need additional attention.

If you want to always be sensual, healthy, orgasmic – pay attention to how you treat your vulva. She needs love, not a consumer attitude. Warmth and attention.

Love yourself. And be kinder to your body.