Great review on erotic games

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A selection of erotic card games (and not only!) Was collected by our Dirty Philologist.


Text and photos: The vulgar philologist

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I'll tell you about a few sex... no, not toys. Games! This is a cool entertainment for those who want to add variety, tenderness, or, conversely, passion and spontaneity to everyday life. In short, if suddenly there is a desire not just to have sex, but to do it intricately, going beyond the usual program, this topic is for you.

There are games entirely geared towards sex. For example, with scripts and roles. You are a lustful nun who indulges in sexual pleasures with your mentor. You are a shipwrecked traveler on a desert island, where she is a wild Amazon. Give in to animal passion! Or with poses. Or with tasks from the series “Give me the most passionate blowjob and do it in a public place.”

There are games with a romantic twist. An unscheduled candlelit dinner, a picnic, cooked together, going to your favorite cafe - such tasks are aimed at spending time together outside the bedroom (although they do not exclude sex at all, on the contrary, they neatly bring you to it). An excellent option for couples who are tortured by everyday life and have not made a date for a thousand years.

For those who want to dilute vanilla sex with light BDSM, there are games in the spirit of “50 Shades Of Gray”. They may require additional accessories, for example, a flogger, a rope for tying, a gag, a massage candle, etc. Of course, if necessary, some attributes can be easily replaced with improvised materials, but it is better to prepare and familiarize yourself with the rules of the game in advance: as a rule, they list everything that you might find useful in the process.

Most ero-games are for couples. Apart from “for him/her” on some, the tasks are suitable for both heterosexual and homosexual partners. A separate category is games for a cheerful company of varying degrees of candor.

Well, now about the individual representatives of the genre.

Card game “Sex like in a movie”

For whom: for two.

Composition: 40 cards with scenarios + rules.

Preparation: no.


You or your partner draws a card with a description of the heroes and a bed scene from some famous film with their participation. You reincarnate and imitate the scene.

Pros: Variety of scenarios (special thanks for the scene with the Mother of Dragons and Khal Drogo, I appreciated).

Cons: no movie titles listed! The same “Game of Thrones” is called “The Battle of Thrones”. Yes, it seems to be close, but this is, if you know the source well. I could not identify half of the films. On the other hand, guessing movies can become part of the game.

The idea of replaying the love scenes of popular films is quite interesting in itself. By the way, you can go ahead and actually film your performance with the camera. An acquaintance of mine, a student of a theater university, was delighted with the game – here it hit the bull's-eye 100%. Lovers of cinema and roleplay should try it.

Card game “50 Shades of Passion”

For whom: for two.

Composition: 50 cards with tasks + rules + a ticking feather.


Before starting the game, you need to sel ect cards depending on the distribution of roles. For example, if today a man is the Dom, he must form for himself a deck with cards on which Dominant M. is written. Accordingly, his partner's deck will consist of cards of Submissive F. Extra cards are removed.

The Dominant and the Submissive are holding 7 cards with tasks for each. Plus 5 cards for each with punishments and rewards, which can only be used by the Dominant.

A stop-word is selected to terminate the actions of the Dom.

Some tasks require additional things (from food to sex and BDSM-devices).


So, you have decided on the roles: the Dominant receives full power over the partner, encourages for good behavior and punishes for bad, and the submissive gives up to the wishes of the Dom.

The Sub starts the game: chooses a card from his\her deck and completes the task. If the Dominant likes the way the partner did it, he\she draws a card from the “reward” pile, if not - from the “punishment” pile.

The Dom can be active (read: draw cards fr om the main deck) whenever it wants.

Pros: struct redness, you can stretch the game for several days (so, it seems to me, it's even more interesting), you can change roles so that no one is offended.

Cons: At first glance, the game seems difficult. These decks, these punishment-rewards (in reality, everything is much simpler: the cards in the deck are already divided into groups, you just need to remove the extra ones). Some tasks seem trivial and you want to skip them, but then there will be very few cards left.

Most of all I liked it when, in the midst of the game, my husband dragged me to the bathroom, undressed, jerked off with a shower, and only then read the task. It was nice.

Hot coupons (for example, “Kamasutra Nights” and “Darling, I'm ready for anything”)

For whom: for two (but this is not certain).

Composition: 20 coupons.

Preparation: not needed.


With checkbook-format games, everything is outrageously simple: tear off the coupon you like and hand it to your partner.

Pros: different variants of coupons for every taste (with tasks for one or for two – 10 pieces for each, with poses, roles, etc.).

Cons: some of the tasks are pretty hackneyed, in different versions of the games some are repeated. You might also have a hard time tearing off these coupons!

The Kamasutra did not impress me at all. It makes sense to take it only if the choice of position in your pair is a sore point, the solution of which takes more time and effort than sex itself.

“Darling, I'm ready for anything” (as expected) my partner enjoyed, but my enthusiasm for fulfilling only his wishlist quickly faded away. I advise you to choose coupons with tasks for both partners, so that there are no offenses.

Game for adults “Bottle”

For whom: for a company of up to 24 people, but not less than 4.

Composition: 40 cards + cards with numbers for the draw.

Preparation: read and understand the rules of the game, if necessary, remove some cards (for example, if you want to exclude kissing).


First, you need to draw lots and distribute the roles among the players using a numbered deck. The one who drew # 1 becomes the starter.

And then it's elementary: the starter randomly chooses a card with a task – the players complete it. After that the played cards are removed and exchanged for cards of a more advanced level (the darker they are, the more “hardcore” the tasks are). Naturally, it is better to start with white ones, gradually increasing the degree of being naughty).

Pros: detailed annotation for the game with rules and recommendations, cool tasks, you can do without additional props.

Cons: not for everyone, some tasks are on the verge of a foul.

Cool game for big, sex-positive companies, parties and get-togethers. If traditional games are boring and\or you want something simple (and the format of the party allows), I recommend this one.