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Maria Chesnokova has tested two lubricants of the French brand.


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Excitement Gel For Women and G-spot Stimulating Gel fell into my hands, and I decided to compare them. I've known the first gel for a long time, but the G-spot gel is a novelty.

It turned out that these two babies have completely identical packaging, their taste is absolutely the same, but in terms of their effect they are diametrically different.

Excitement Gel is quite thick in consistency, but at the same time, it is neither viscous nor sticky. Like the second gel, it tastes like peppermint, and when applied to the mucous membranes, a cooling sensation appears - this increases arousal and causes blood flow to the places where the gel was applied. The effect of this gel on the clitoris seemed to me not very strong, I think it is best suited for owners of sensitive clits. But I liked to apply it to play with the nipples: there are special small hard pimples on the gel applicator, which are felt very pleasant on the skin. When using the gel intravaginally I did not really experience anything, so again, if you are not supersensitive and the cooling sensation in the vagina is not your thing, then, using this gel as a lubricant for penetration does not make much sense. And the consumption, considering the price, is quite high. It's great that it has a thick consistency, but still it gives weak sensations.

G-spot Stimulating Gel is designed to be used on various toys to stimulate the G-spot. Its texture is much more liquid and slightly oily and it creates a real fire on the mucous and sensitive areas of the skin. Even for the first time, at some point, I was afraid that the gel would not stop heating up on my vulva, and I would have to run to take a cold shower. Due to the action of the gel, blood rushes to the vulva and the sensitivity grows a lot so that you get to clitoral orgasms and even squirt much easier.

Fun fact: I don't squirt from external stimulation of the clitoris, but with this gel plus a vacuum stimulator, I felt very close to squirting at the moment of orgasm, so I really liked the G-spot Stimulating Gel. It's also a cool way to keep warm at home when there is no heating: keep your vulva warm and your head cold!

Important! For very sensitive clits and vaginas, this effect will be too intense, it is better to choose a softer stimulating lubricant.

There are no relief on the Stimulating Gel applicator, and the consistency of the gel is more liquid and difficult to apply, but the sensation is fantastic.

I hope the review was helpful. My task, as a sex blogger, is to help you find exactly what will suit you perfectly.