EroExpo-2019: impressions and expectations after the exhibition

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“What do I expect after EroExpo-2019?” – this question was asked and answered by a sex blogger Alpha | Like adults, who shared her impressions of the latest innovations presented at the exhibition.


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November in Moscow began with EroExpo, an annual B2B-exhibition of goods for adults. This year it was the tenth one chronologically and the first one for me. An ardent admirer of sex gadgets and all what comes with it, I hoped to see as many novelties and interesting ideas as possible at EroExpo. And the exhibition did not let me down.

Of course, the main attention was attracted by the latest developments of the market’s favorites: We-Vibe finally designed their own “magic wand”, Satisfyer did not limit themselves to the “wand” and, in addition, developed electric stimulators with rotators. Here are the news that I found most attractive.

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iroha Temari

The Japanese company iroha which I have always been my favourite, has released a new toy called Temari. Temari is a ball embroidered with silk and at the first glance it is clear why the original vibrator was named after it: the gadget looks like a patterned ball on a stand. The "stand" itself (actually it is a handle) protects the waist from vibration during use, and when paired with a lid, it becomes a protective case. Another example of how traditional Japanese motifs are successfully combined with modern technology.

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You2Toys VibePad

Second in my personal top of new products is VibePad from You2Toys, a subbrand of the German Orion. This product is perhaps unique for the Russian market because it is designed for previously ignored sex practices like rabbing. Its construction is very close to the Ruby Glow from the British Rocks-Off, but I hope that VibePad will be very famous in Russia. The more varied are the sensations that can be obtained with a sex toy, the better in my opinion.

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Gvibe Gpop and Gpop²

Finally, Gvibe has updated its versatile Gpop stimulator. Gpop² became a little larger, got a brand-name and a curly handle, but the main metamorphosis happened to the motor - the vibrations became much deeper and more booming. And this is excellent, because when you buy a toy with a variety of usages the importance of the quality only increases.

But in addition to the new models, new manufacturers are waiting for us. Perhaps the best news for the entire exhibition for me was the full-fledged arrival in Russia of the Canadian company - BMS Factory.

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BMS Factory PalmPower: Pocket, Extreme, Recharge

Strictly speaking, BMS products have long been familiar to us, as their PowerBullet™ motors have long been inside CalExotics and Doc Johnson toys. Then the American giants switched to their own production, and BMS decided to set sail on its own and launched two dozen of its brands. It turned out fine: the PalmPower line, for example, now competes on equal terms with Vibratex, le Wand and Doxy, the recognized masters of magic wands, and the luxury brand PillowTalk has become a favorite of famous Western sex bloggers - thanks to deep vibrations, elegant design and at the same time reasonable price.

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We can only get happy when men-oriented brands appear. Man.Wand did not reinvent the wheel and produces dildos that are very reminiscent of Fun Factory Wand and Hot Octopuss Pulse - but when it comes to normalizing vibrators among males, I’m ready to close my eyes to the non-original design.

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intt Orgasm Now with vibro tube

There are beginners in the field of sex cosmetics. Among other things, the Brazilian company intt brought a “liquid vibrator” with the taste of vodka, massage balls with oil, and an exciting gel in a tube with a vibrating nose. The tube is not reloadable, so the invention is not too environmentally friendly - but still enjoyable. The stimulants themselves are so powerful that I am afraid to test the samplers I got: at the exhibition I slightly touched a drop of Vibration Bubble Gum with my tongue and I had enough impressions for the rest of the evening.

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High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint

And finally, the American trend of the last couple of years has reached us - cosmetics with hemp oil. It was brought by the Canadian brand High On Love. Their products (from lubricant to bath oil) contain phytocannabinoids that improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and stress. In general, they do everything that women need for quality pleasure. Such cosmetics, of course, are not addictive, but their chocolate body paint turned out to be tastier than Hershey’s, and this in itself can cause an addiction akin to narcotic. I hope that suppliers will not have problems with customs. A separate bonus: the products are fully vegan.

In general, in the near future lots of good things should appear on the shelves and online pages of adult stores. And I really hope that at least something from this list will please you as EroExpo-2019 was enjoyed me.