A comparison of the two generations of Lovense Lush

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With the growing interest in remote control toys, Lovense is being mentioned more and more. Webcam-model Lana__Lefty compares two versions of the Lush vibro egg which is popular among webcam-models.


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In the last article, we got acquainted with Lovense Lush and learned about the delights of this toy. Let me remind you that this is a waterproof vibrating egg with Bluetooth control and remote control. However, I consider it a crime to stop there. Firstly, because of the dubious waterproofness of the device, and secondly, I have not told everything yet...

Since the last time we talked about the fact that Lush exists in two generations, I think it is not superfluous to tell what their difference is, and why the second one appeared. This time, the article also contains the experience of other models, in addition to my own.

Since toys fr om Lovense, in particular – Lush, are in demand among webcam models, the potential of a vibrating egg in this area is revealed in all its glory as well as its disadvantages.

Both devices work for about the same amount time – two or three hours. Full charging time is 70 minutes, and by the off indicator you can understand when the device is charged. The functionality, set of modes and applications are the same. In addition to the pluses for which Lush is bought, there are also disadvantages. I will describe the difference in the models with a description of the disadvantages.

1. Waterproofness. Lush claims the toy to be waterproof. In general, this is true, but there is a small “but”: the problem is that the egg is charged using a long plug. It is understood that the tiny hole in the silicone body will not allow moisture to seep inside, and this may be the case if this hole is carefully punched by the manufacturer. Personally, I have three such vibrating eggs. On the first and the second, the holes were created by a small cut with almost complete adherence of its borders to each other, so moisture could be removed easily. The third time I ordered the second generation of the toy, it already had a fairly large hole. Over time, due to the frequency of use, the hole in the silicone grows, but in the case when it is initially too large, the size becomes critical. A few months later, the last Lush is no longer waterproof, the plug has oxidized due to moisture inside, and now when I am writing this review, Lush-2 has died without a chance of salvation exactly nine months after I got it. It is not clear to me (I suppose due to lack of information) why it was impossible to create a magnetic charge for this toy, but at the moment it is not there, and this is a significant disadvantage affecting the service life of the product.

2. The power button, like the indicator, on the first version is located directly on the toy’s body. This is inconvenient for several reasons. Firstly, it is the need to turn on the toy in advance so it will start discharging before using. Secondly, there is a possibility to accidentally shut the device down. It's rare, I understand, but I (and also my friend) had this, despite the fact that the button seems to be tight enough to press. There is no way to check whether the toy is turned on or not if the device has lost the connection with the smartphone. It is impossible to manually switch vibration modes. In the second generation, this error was corrected, and now the button is located at the tip of the tail, making it convenient to turn on Lush-2, change its modes and monitor the indicator. By the way, in the Remote application the indicator can be turned off so that no one notices the glowing light under your clothes but in the Connect application this is not possible. At this point, Lush-2 has won a total victory, despite the fact that mine is already dead, since this is the problem of all Lushes.

3. Another difference is the tail: its length in the second generation is longer, it is thicker, more massive at the base and now it is flexible, unlike in the first generation. This can be called both a plus and a minus. The bendable tail adjusts to clothing and posture, it can be bent if necessary, however, it is undesirable to do this, since the wire inside breaks quickly and ceases to hold shape. The tail, equipped with a button and a Bluetooth adapter, is heavier and therefore sags under the weight and becomes uncomfortable and uncontrollable in case of a fracture. In pursuit of a balance between convenience and practicality, Lovense stopped somewhere in the middle, without reaching it. We managed to compensate for the weight, but the product remained fragile in its Achilles heel, but the increase in the size of the tail also led to an increase in the egg’s body which is also not good.

4. Visually, both eggs are of the same size, but they actually are not. In fact, there is a difference: the little body itself has the same size in the widest part, but in the second generation of the egg, that half at the base of the tail is larger and therefore can cause discomfort. Tiny and very “narrow” girls, as well as those who have a sensitive entrance to the vagina should pay attention to the size of the models since the first generation of devices is more comfortable to wear. It's hard for me to give a positive or negative assessment of the size, it's still individual. On my own behalf and on behalf of a miniature nymphomaniac, I can only say that the first Lush is more anatomical and pleasant to use from this point of view. If you use the vibrating egg “on duty” regularly, the sensitivity may decrease, you may not notice this right away, since the difference is minimal and does not in any way affect your intimate life or the use of other toys. Perhaps this is an acclimatization effect.

5. The first model placed a Bluetooth adapter in the body of the egg, and therefore it loses the connection more often than its young brother, whose adapter is in the tail. This is another plus in favor of the second generation.

6. Lovense devices are short-lived. Their antennas break at the base, water gets into the charging hole and oxidizes everything around, adapters do not connect well with phones and in some positions, they often lose connection, for example, if you cross your legs, which is actually a pleasant position to press the vibrating tail to the clitoris ... It is quite a standard situation when a toy stops responding to tokens or connecting to a phone. In addition, the software also malfunctions: during updates all sorts of system lags appear, connection with the site may disappear, you can log out of the account during the session. All these little things, although rare, still happen. Fortunately, these problems are solved quite quickly if the issue is in the software. A webcam model can change several Lushes in a year, and so the breakdown does not affect earnings, some have a spare one in case of emergency. Broken toys are accepted by authorized dealers for diagnosis and are usually quickly replaced with new ones.

Wh ere there is a stick, there must be a carrot. In general, most of the disadvantages of Lovense Lush will never be discovered by those who use them only for their own games and are not related to the web industry. I think this is a good toy to spice up relationships and to play while waiting in a traffic jam. One cannot but express gratitude to the creators on behalf of the models for such a “working tool” that allows you to increase earnings significantly. Thanks to everyone who reads this to the end, I hope it was useful and interesting. See you again, but for now I'll grab the tools and get ba

ck to work!