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Are you buying your first sex toy? Our author has collected 15 points on what a person needs to know about sex toys before buying.


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Removing the taboo from the topic of sex and sexuality is gaining momentum, and along with this, various adaptations for intimate life are included in everyday life. Stores with blinking red hearts can be seen on the streets, heroes of films and TV series use gadgets and share their impressions with friends and sex bloggers talk about what delightful sensations and orgasms they get from this or that toy. And you feel that you too want to buy something for yourself. But what? How to choose? Here are 15 points about what a person needs to know about the difference in sex toys before buying.

1. Manufacturer. Here there is no pattern like “China is always bad” or “Germany is definitely good”. But quite often the quality of toys depends on the country of origin, because the requirements for such products are different in our country and abroad. True, it is the quality that depends on the company itself, and not on its location.

2. Brand. Now everything has names, but big brands like Fun Factory, Womanizer or Svakom are in the public eye. The more famous the brand, the more the company tries to maintain its image. Even if suddenly (which happens quite rarely) you get a flawed toy, a well-known company will replace it more willingly than some noname manufacturer. It is true, you have to pay a little extra for the brand name.

3. Warranty. For some toys, the manufacturer gives a 1-2 year warranty, and there are those who do not change the defected toys at all. Consider this when buying. (Satisfyer, for example, gives 15 years warranty – ed.).

4. Price. It's not always how much you paid for a gadget that speaks of its quality. There are both relatively cheap but great toys and frankly useless expensive items. Try to choose a gadget not because of its price. Or let the price be not in the first place.

5. Material. When choosing a toy, pay attention to what it is made of: medical silicone, metal or glass, cyber leather or gel. The composition directly influences both the feeling and the way of storage and care. Is it important for you that the toy is in working condition for as long as possible and is safe for your health?

6. Care. Choosing a toy, you probably count on the fact that it will serve you for a very long time. It depends not only on the material of the gadget, but also on how you will take care of it. While glass and metal toys can be washed with soap and water, more porous materials such as silicone require a special toycleaner. Taking care directly affects the period of use.

7. Storage. Ideally, each toy should have its own “house” – a bag. Some companies include it in a kit, some sell it separately, and some don't think about it at all. If you've chosen a “bagless” toy, think of how you will store it. Remember that this directly affects its functionality.

8. Charging. If the toy has a battery, try to figure out how long it takes to fully charge it and how quickly it starts to “beg for food”. This info will help you not to get into a situation when the toy is needed but it is discharged.

9. Behavior in the water. Toys also differ in their performance in the aquatic environment. There are waterproof gadgets that usually have magnetic charging and can be easily submerged in water. And there are toys with water-repellent material, they can be washed, but you should not go to the bathroom with them. They usually have plug-in charging or batteries. It is important not to mix it up, otherwise you can lose your gadget.

10. Lubricant. When interacting with a toy, our body often reacts more slowly than when our partner is a human. Provide yourself with a good quality lubricant to avoid discomfort. You need to sel ect it based on your own preferences and characteristics, and taking into account the material of the toy. If your gadget is made of silicone, the lubricant should be water-based.

11. Multifunctionality. Often, one toy can be used in several ways. Of course, it's great if you put together a collection of gadgets that are different for their purpose. However, if this is your first purchase, pick something more versatile. A highly targeted toy may not work for you, this is normal.

12. Didn't fit. A sex toy is an intimate product, so replacement is possible only in case of defect, it will not be possible to return it altogether or replace it with another one. If you are worried that the gadget may not work for you, put a condom on it before using it. In case the toy turns out to be “not the right one”, you can give it to a friend (of course, if this is OK for both of you).

13. Contraindications. Each person has a unique organism, we are all different. Therefore, when choosing a toy, make sure that you have no contraindications for using it.

14. On/off. The control mode for gadgets is also different: some toys have their own buttons for each function, some have one for everything. Some gadgets are controlled fr om the application on the phone. Additional features also affect the cost of the toy. Choose what you feel most comfortable with.

15. Appearance. It is very important that you like the toy externally. Now on the market of goods for adults there is a large number of completely different gadgets: everyone can choose something to their liking.

Finally, and most importantly – don’t be shy to ask! Bloggers, shop-assistants, chat rooms on websites, our editorial office. All will always be happy to help you!

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