LYRA Collection: taking care of women's health

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The LeFrivole brand presents LYRA vaginal balls in its collection of intimate simulators.

Russian version

The art of controlling intimate muscles was described in the Kamasutra and some other ancient sources telling about the art of love. Vaginal balls did not appear out of nowhere, their history goes back more than 3000 years, and in the last few years balls have gained new popularity.

Today there are a huge number of varieties of balls, differing in size, weight, shape, material and functionality. The LYRA collection by Le Frivole has 19 items, 9 of which are new in 2021. Balls can be divided into several categories depending on their weight and diameter.

For beginners:

Omicron – small ears on the top of the ball enhance the pleasure while wearing (diameter – 2.7 cm, weight – 29 g, 2 colors);
Beta – double balls, one of which has ears that enhance sensations (diameter – 2.7 cm, weight – 55 g, 2 colors);
Alcor – embossed double balls (diameter – 3 cm, weight – 55 g, 2 colors);
Arrakis – classic Kegel balls with an offset center of gravity (diameter – 3.4 cm, weight – 57 g, 2 colors);
Vega – double Kegel balls with an offset center of gravity and a comfortable silicone loop (diameter – 2.7 cm, weight – 29 g, 2 colors).

For practitioners:

Lota – double balls with a variable center of gravity, inside of which there are loose weights that move freely when moving (diameter – 3 cm, weight – 69 g, 2 colors);
Sirius – double relief balls with a shifted center of gravity for intensive training (diameter – 3.5 cm, weight – 79 g, 2 colors);
Orion – double relief balls with a shifted center of gravity for working out all muscle groups (diameter – 3.3 cm, weight – 70 g, 2 colors);
Delta – heavy double relief balls with a displaced center of gravity for effective training of the pelvic floor muscles (diameter – 3.5 cm, weight – 84 g, 2 colors);
Alpha – heavy double balls with a relief surface to increase the sensory impact (diameter – 3.8 cm, weight – 88 g, 1 color).

All balls are made of pleasant to the touch velvety silicone with double coating, each model has an original design and pleasant colors. Each ball has a convenient one-piece silicone tail for easy retrieval and is virtually silent, waterproof and easy to clean. Vaginal balls are effective as a prophylaxis and help to improve sex life, but do not forget to consult a specialist before using the balls.

Press release provided by Le Frivole.