"Adults only": T-shirts and sweatshirts

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Artiom Krivda, a Russian designer, and Maxim magazine, have launched a collection of clothes for adults. The provocative prints are sharing the space with a call upon the youth to take part in the elections.


"Artem Krivda" is a brand established by the designer Artem Krivda. In cooperation with the official public of Maxim magazine, he has made a collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts to coincide with the elections of the Russian Federation's president. Meanwhile, one part of the collection has got skimpy prints, intended to catch the attention of the young people. A recording, dedicated to the collection, says that the authors have no intention to make people vote for a particular candidade, what they seek is to involve the youth into voting. Young voters are supposed to acquire or win some pieces of the collection, so doing, they will draw their attention towards the election day. This will help them take their first mature act. The authors have made the election date look suggesting, it is written as 18.03.2018+.

'I consider it essential to induce the youth to make their choice', Artem Krivda, the brand designer, says. 'Every young person should use their "adult" privilege to the full extent, including the right to choose their own future, as well as the direction for our country to follow'.

On the evidence of the website Lenta.ru.