Natali Vernin: quick interview at Thaifest

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Natali Vernin (Exsens) answers “5 short questions from sexshopers”.

Questions asked by: Marina Chicheva
Posted by: Natali Vernin (Exsense)
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

What is your favorite product of your brand and anyone else's?

From my brands it is probably perfume with endorphins and pheromones and Angel Dreams. And I will not name other brands. Because my favorite products are my brand products. And also, Ann Summers lingerie.

Do you visit sex shops?

Yes, I do it regularly.

To buy something or as a part of your work?

To be honest, in the beginning it was just for shopping reasons. And when I started working, I began to regularly conduct trainings in sex shops. Therefore, I just look at the products for these purposes too.

What's the most unexpected use of 18+ products you've heard or know about?

Probably a bottle of champagne as a sex toy!

And if, on the contrary, a sex toy, but is not used for its intended purpose?

When I don't have time to have lunch at lunchtime, I always have my edible oil on my table (from Exsense – Ed.), And I can eat a couple of drops just to knock down my appetite.

Let's fantasize. What properties will the toy of the future have? Or a lubricant of the future, or something else from the future?

Probably, it will be even more multifunctional if it is a lubricant. They can do absolutely everything. The toy of the future? Perhaps it will be an implant under the skin, which is able to pulsate and give some kind of sensation.

That is, built in forever?


And the traditional question from our site. What would you wish to our readers?

Health, prosperity, love for yourself, love for family and neighbors.

Thank you so much for the conversation!