Why do you need a sex shop?

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What are adult stores for, and what can be useful and unique there, says our author.


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Have you noticed how many sex shops are there around? If not, have a look. A door with a sign "18+" or a flashing red heart will quickly catch your eye, especially in the dark. The most interesting thing is that, whoever you ask, practically no one visits them. But we know the law of the market: supply appears due to demand. And since all these stores exist, then they generate income. This raises a logical and quite understandable question: why do most people hide the fact that they go to sex-shops? The answer immediately comes to mind. The point is that there is an opinion that is very unfairly discrediting these interesting places: only those who have problems go there. And that's not true!

Here is a list of the products you need that are difficult to buy anywhere else other than at an adult store.

1. Quality condoms.

In pharmacies and supermarkets in Russia, some positions of this barrier contraception are presented, and everyone saw them. However, knowledgeable sex shoppers will strongly recommend that you purchase such products in specialized stores. Why? The answer is simple: reputation and range.

Sex stores value their customers and ask for certification from suppliers, while pharmacies and grocery stores do not. Condoms are counterfeited as often as other products, and without proper experience you can hardly tell the original from the copy. The price to pay for such a mistake will be your health. As for the assortment, it is important to remember that we are all very different: both in physiological parameters and in preferences. Only in a sex shop they will help you to choose a condom in a differentiated way, which will affect the quality of sex in the most direct way. For example, you will not find the My Size brand of condoms in a pharmacy but they have a whole line of different sizes. Or, if you are allergic to latex, you can suffer or you can find polyurethane Sagami there, for example.

2. Large selection of lubricants.

Gynecologists say the average female natural lubrication time is 20 minutes. Do not forget that some time may elapse between emotional arousal and bodily response. In the modern rhythm of life, we do not always have the opportunity to wait, so a lubricant is the first thing that will help in such a situation. However, the assortment presented in pharmacies is not that meager, it is practically nonexistent when compared with what is offered by 18+ stores. Oral, anal, hypoallergenic relaxing, vaginal, grooming - whatever you want. And all of them are important and necessary, but even in a grocery store sometimes there is not a single position of lubricant: as if no one needs such a product at all. Therefore, people pour sunflower oils, baby creams and even shampoos, providing doctors with a regular income.

3. Menstrual cups.

At the moment this hygiene product is gaining momentum among women, but it is still not presented in any pharmacy: it is not profitable. But sex shops can offer you several brands of cups that will ease your period, save money and save the environment (1 cup – 10 years of use).

4. Sex toys.

Freud has been gone since 1939, but many still believe that there is only one “correct orgasm” – from penetration. Having understood the anatomy, you can understand: a woman has an organ that is solely responsible for pleasure – the clitoris. It is large enough, located inside and provides an orgasm. Therefore, it is absolutely normal and healthy to stimulate the head of the clitoris and have pleasure in any other way, except for penetration. Sex toys are something that will help open up new facets of sensations, and sometimes even achieve the first long-awaited orgasm.

5. Role-playing costumes.

Of course, you can take your old school uniform, if it is preserved, or ask a friend that works in the police for handcuffs for the weekend, but why so many difficulties? In a sex shop you can find anything made specifically for such an occasion. And the handcuffs will be soft, they will not rub your hands, and the skirt will be beautiful and just for the occasion.

Do you still think that having an adult store in every neighborhood in almost every city is an accident? And you don't go there because you “have no problems”? Oh, my!