Sex dolls: thumbs up or thumbs down

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Recently, the story of both sex dolls and sex robots has been exciting people's minds. They have become a point of controversy. They are discussed on TV and turned to be issues for innumerable articles. People try to understand, whether they are good or evil.


The story began thanks to the fantastic development of technologies used in the dolls. They've got lively faces and due to the artificial intelligence they are able to hold a conversation, their bodies are warm and sensitive to touch. Besides, the robot's appearance and "personality" can be easily changed within minutes, as it was shown at CES-2018, the exhibition of cutting-edge technologies. Matt McMullen, the representative of the company Abyss Creations and the author of the most notorious doll, Harmony, let the audience watch him changing the doll's face and modifying its settings. 

So, how should be take the idea of sex dolls? Are they a blessing for those humans unsatisfied with their love life, or a Devil's trick able to destroy the humanity?

The investigations, held at Sheffield University, show that one quarter of young men are ready to meet a robot instead of woman. The Sun newspaper states that the spreading of sex robots will contribute to the rise of such digital sexuals. However, some believe that, on the one hand, the interest in robots is based on the desire of getting unusual sensations and, on the other hand, it is motivated by the easiness of engaging a sexual partner, in comparison to what happens in the real life. Our editorial is convinced that sex dolls will never replace a live contact and a sex full of emotions with their purely mechanic exercise, just the way that television has not displaced the theatre, the radio, and the Internet has not substituted books, newspapers nor television itself.

Meanwhile, the web is being crowded by declarations, saying the scientists are alerted and require that sex dolls should be prohibited. In their opinion, such an easy way to get sex can be dangerous for the humanity in general, by changing its membership, cutting the birth rates and finally leading to a number of fatal consequences.

The other point of view tells us about some entrepreneurs who decided to make benefit out of sex dolls. They are getting everything ready for opening a sex dolls brothel in Moscow city district. The businessmen are going to guarantee a thorough desinfection of the dolls after each visitor. They are also planning to establish similar facilities in several big cities of Russia, the CIS and within spa zones.

Dmitry Alexandrov, the founder of Dolls Hotel, underlined that the creation of adult leisure centres in Russia is a legal and secure way of making one's sex life more varied, apart from being a priceless help for people with mental disabilities.

It is worth mentioning that many agents of the adult goods industry see this initiative differently, they are not so optimistic. Some of them are concerned that a high-quality after-use cleaning of sex dolls is difficult to fulfil. Don't forget that sex toys are supposed to be articles of individual use. No matter how many fine mechanisms the dolls get installed, in such a context, they remain to be sex toys. Another fear is about the fact that with frequent use the dolls will probably loose their presentation, so, the expenses for their purchasing will turn almost equal to the expected amount of benefit.

What's your opinion? Is it just curiosity that motivates people trying sex with a robot? Is there anything else involved here? Can robots completely substitute female humans? How popular could male robots be? Will the humanity dissapear, lost in the game with dolls? Share your vision on our social media.

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