A vivid experience

For many participants, the bondage session by Maksim Kalakhari proved to be the most vivid impression of the first day of the exhibition. The performance followed the director's report on the main stage.


Yet in the conference hall, Maksim's report hooked the audience's active interest. So, it was not surprising that many followed the speaker towards the main stage, where he was expected to run a short bondage session with the participation of a model.

The strings are ready, the model is waiting patient. The girl has a flirty set of clothes on her. Now the session begins. It is worth watching the changing faces of both the Master and the model as they are diving into the game. The very first touch of the string makes the girl flinch and close her eyes. The Master is concentrated and slightly detached from the audience, still he is in touch with the public and offers a quick response. The string's spirals are covering the girl's arms and body, pressing down her breast. The model is giving way to the sensations, her body is making curves in response to the Master's movements, sharp and precise, while the string is having her fixed tight, shaping her body in spirals the way the Master needs.

The performance proves very sensual. The participants are not naked, no obvious sexual relations between them. However, the climate on the scene, the bodies' contact and their reactions make you find yourself to be a witness to something really intimate. 

Thanks for the emotions gifted.

Some photos from oficial Ero Expo site are used.