See you at EroExpo!

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The agenda of the seminars has just appeared on the exhibition's official website. We can’t wait to tell you that our portal is going to have its own stand!


For October, 19th and 20th, the exhibition's management scheduled a number of lectures and a round table for sex bloggers. On the first working day, the seminar is to start at 12:30 p.m., Pavel Koshkin, the founder of the retail chain "Tochka liubvi", is going to share his experience, telling the audience how to open a profitable offline sex shop. Right after his performance, at 1:30 p.m., Evgeny Aleksandrovitch Kul’gavchuk, a sexologist and a therapist, is to speak. Last year, during his lecture, the hall was full, this year, the topic is not less interesting: how to improve one's love life, get more pleasure and become happier.

After a break, at 3 o’clock p.m., Dmitry Korobitsyn, the founder and the Director General of the company "Postavschik Schastya", is to make a secret report. It is curious to know what he prepared for the audience this time! At 4 o’clock p.m., in the conference hall, Irina Kramer is to make a presentation of the products by Satisfyer, the exhibition's general sponsor. The lecturing day is to finish with a speech made by Vladimir Sursyakov, an obstetrician, PhD in Medicine and an expert of the project Sexprosvet 18+. He will speak on the vaginal muscles’ training techniques, a topic of both interest and usefulness for every lady, without fail!

On the exhibition's second working day, the agenda is to be even more eventful. At 11 o'clock a.m., a report given by Andrey Nikolayenko, the founder and the director of the company Costumeshop is planned. The report is entitled "Managing tools, or how to guarantee a company's annual growth". After that, a lecture given by Olga Gorets is scheduled, it is called “Content that sells". At 12:10 p.m., the presentation of Satisfyer, that started the day before, is to continue. Finally, at 1 o' clock p.m., Olga Gurkina, the Smm-manager of Kinky Russia, is to tell about working with social media and searching for new audiences. 

After the lunch break, at 2:30 p.m., the seminars are to continue, with a report given by the company Andrey, one of the exhibition's promoters, it is called "The formula of success for your sex shop: how to engage permanent customers out of non-target traffic". Among the other performers, Natalya Sysoeva, the company’s marketing manager, and Andrey Yeliseev, the founding member are going to speak out. To finish the seminars’ agenda, the round table for sex bloggers is scheduled, it is organized by the team of Sexprosvet 18+, and is held to speak on "The audience' interests, how to work with them".

Such an eventful agenda is scheduled for the exhibition's participants and visitors, in addition to the work led on the stands and a variety of activities that are going to be particularly numerous this year! Our portal is not behind the experienced participants of EroExpo. This year, is going to mount its own stand where we are going to show and tell about those interesting things that happened on the website during the year, about how we are progressing, about what kind of plans we are making. An excursion across the portal's attractions is currently under development. Soon, you will find out what are those interesting things we worked out to show at the exhibition. Look for people wearing T-shirts with our logo and come to see us on our stand. See you there!