Miostimulation at work: E-Stim

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Comments by Wayne Allen, brand’s agent.


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Please, say a couple of words about your products to our readers.

We make electric stimulation products: boxes and electrodes. So, we use electricity to stimulate the body in interesting ways. 

I can see a laptop here.. Can your devices be controlled by it?

They can be controlled by a laptop, yes. They can also be controlled across the Internet providing you’ve got an Internet connected phone or a tablet or another laptop. Then I can control your device from anywhere in the world.

Great! Is it your first at the ETO show?

No, we have probably done the last four.

Can you make a comparison between this show and others?

It is interesting that although the show is physically smaller, it has probably got the same number of people attending and it has been quite busy, surprisingly busy! 

Are you currently cooperating with any of the Russian companies?

We have a couple of Russian distributors. 

What are your expectations here?

Generally, it is about meeting friends, talking to new people, hopefully it generates an extra business.

Thanks a lot!