Andrey Nikolayenko: our stand became an attraction!

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This year, for the first time, the company Le Frivole has taken part in the eroFame exhibition with their own stand. Below, you can find what Andrey Nikolayenko, the company’s director, told us about the event.


Was it the first time you took part in this particular exhibition? Have you got your own stand or have you taken part as visitors?

We have been several times at the exhibition in Hannover, as visitors, and this year, as exhibitors, we have represented our brand, Le Frivole.

Was this exhibition different from the previous ones in your opinion?

In general, all the exhibitions are similar if we compare those we had taken part in before, in Russia. We came to Hannover in a very small group of four people, being one of us under the age of 1 year old. This was the basic difficulty, of course. At times, we had no time to attend clients who were invading our stand. The language barrier proved to be another trouble, I had difficulty to speak English, but this was offset by the fact that some visitors didn't speak it well either.

Which one of the Russian manufacturers, your colleagues, did you meet?

As for the manufacturers, there were such companies as Inspirit, Andrey, Nasoloda.

Couldn't you feel involved into any sort of competition?

On the international market, we can hardly bother each other, just because neither of us has become a significant player on the adult industry global market.

Which of the Russian retailers did you meet?

We met Igor Tikhonov, Sergey Kazakevitch, Andrey Boyko, Daniyar Agzamov, Denis Zheleznyak and many others. It was so pleasant to speak our own language.

Which stands were the most impressive?

I liked that of the company Shots!

What did you like and what do you find interesting if applied to our exhibitions?

For example, I liked the fact that there were presentations of the brands during the lunches and dinners. As a result, all the people are at once gathered at the same place and it is very effective to talk about a company and its products. By the way, our international sales director was the only one who spoke live, the rest did nothing but playing their videos. This fact drew additional attention towards our stand.

Have you got any new contacts or arrangements?

Plenty of! Before the exhibition started, we had managed to receive and ship orders to seven countries such as Australia; Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and others. And during the exhibition, we had a live conversation with those whom we only heard by Skype of on the phone, we got acquainted in person, they saw we were good fellows and we had interesting and good-quality lingerie and sex toys! From then on, the dialogue has taken a new perspective, because live communication can't be replaced by any other means, and the European people are thinking the same way. They go to exhibitions to see their friends and industry mates, as we do, to discuss how each of them is doing, to have a drink and a meal together!

By the way, how did you present your company, as a Russian one?

Yes, of course, and the fact we are from Russia aroused no ill-will! It might have been due to politeness and grace, still I believe we were judged on professional qualities. During the conversations with the proprietors of the adult goods companies, it was curious to notice people being somewhat ‘tired’ of those Chinese brands and manufacturers; everyone wants anything and anyone but Chinese goods.

What countries were you having negotiations with?

We have got clients from all over the world at our stand! I am not exaggerating, I am really delighted!