Adult Profi: Online Version

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Inspirit Company decided to postpone the full-fledged Adult Profi conference to a later date, but for now holds its mini-version in online format. We publish the information provided to us by the company.


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Rusian version

The main world news today is related to coronavirus problem. Unprecedented measures are being taken at the highest level in many countries. But a lot depends on the actions of each of us! Simple actions will help save lives and quickly return to full work.

In this regard, we postpone the holding of the Adult Profi conference and will set new dates as soon as the situation changes.

But today you should not give up! After all, intimate goods are one of the few entertainments available to people, in the absence of trips to concerts, visits to theaters, clubs and cafes.

We are well aware that intimate toys:
– are able to refresh couples passion;
– allow women to "find" their orgasm, and men – get new sensations;
– relieve stress, leaving a charge of endorphins in return;
– make people happier!

And today, more important than ever, our task is to bring this knowledge to a wider range of people. Indeed, the percentage of sex shop products users in Russia is still negligible.

Therefore, on April 17, we invite you to attend webinar.

We have prepared for you a presentation of our new brands, developed convenient marketing materials and scenarios for their use.

Everyone who passed the webinar will receive a personal certificate (in electronic and paper form). Gifts will be sent to all guests of the webinar, because it is even more pleasant to have them, right?

The webinar will be held on April 17 at 12-00 Moscow time.

Information on how to attend the webinar will be available on the company's website.