A rapid-fire interview with Patrick Mallaise (SIGN Magazine)

During the ETO Show, Patrick said a few words about the magazine and shared his own plans.


Читать по-русски

I am Patrick. I am from SIGN Magazine. Every month we bring two magazines out. One is called SIGN Europe. The other one is SIGN Germany. We sell them to the whole Europe, retail and wholesale, so that people could see what's happening within the industry - that's what we do. We would like to bring our magazines to Russian people. 

The magazines are on the website, the online version, but they also exist on paper. So, we bring two magazines a month, twelve times a year. 

We can look into making something like translating our stuff into Russian. Last November I was there, in Russia, I was making a culture report and I met people from the company "Andrey". They might help me to hire a translator for our magazines.

Editor's note: now it is known that during coming EroExpo exhibition Patrick will represent the SIGN magazine in Russian.