The issue is picked up by Le Frivole

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The brand's owner, Andrej Nikolayenko, has answered our questions.


What type of videos does your company make?

To date, we have only made a Backstage for the photo session introducing the collections of the brand Le Frivole that we produce.

To what extent does the video making help or impede the working process in your shops?

We've got no shops, yet we supply lingerie to many shops across Russia and the CIS. It is there where we place the videos. Such videos are able to draw the retail customers' attention towards the products of our brand, they also make people aware of the fact that such goods are present at this shop, they make the customers' imagination start to begin "trying on" our lingerie to fit themselves and their partner.

Are sales going up?

I haven't got any trustworthy evidence, but I am sure such videos contribute to sales growth.

Is it much work to make a video like this?

As a matter of fact, the video making implies certain costs, as it is not like filming a photosession-the additional lighting, the operator and the following cut are all needed.