QIWI and PickPoint: interim results

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A popular way of goods delivery is in progress.


Many online stores offer delivery through postmates to their customers. This type of delivery is popular since it is as handy as home delivery, and its price is comparable to post mailing.

Yet in 2015 the first postmates appeared in Moscow City and in the Moscow Region, under two brands at once: QIWI and PickPoint. Their small size makes them different from the usual postmates. The usual postmate normally has the average of 80 deposit boxes and requires rather big space, which not every shop is able to provide. 

Small-size postmates have just about 30 boxes, the fact that allows to establish them with much more frecuency, literally, within walking distance from every client.

Alexey Rasskazov, the Business Development Director of QIWI postmate solutions, reported that at the time small-size postmates have already been established in one thousand sellpoints, while the network expansion is the priority task; by the end of 2018 the number of such kind of postmates is expected to double. He also pointed out that the two companies within their cooperation strategy are planning to "offer the market a really multi-service model of the end customer's attendance".

Evgeny Pliakhin, the PickPoint Business Development Director said, in his turn, that the volume of online orders' delivery through PickPoint network is increasing 1.8-2 times annually. In this regard, the issue of the network expansion is a very big deal. "We can still satisfy the online sellers and the customers' ever-growing needs due to the format of small-size postmates that has become one of the ways of rapid and high-quality Federal scaling", he commented.

At present, one can find the QIWI-PickPoint postmates in 70 constituent units of the Russian Federation. To date, the greatest network capacity is seen in Moscow, St.Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Krasnodar Region, the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Regions.

Based on riamoda.ru and shopolog.ru.