4D Sex toys real?

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The manufacturer of the famous «snail» has developed a viewer that allows to demonstrate online toys from all sides, as well as the vibration of their motors.


Russian version

According to the developers, online sales are increasingly dependent on modern technologies, and conversion directly depends on the presentability of the product page, its visualization and interactivity. In offline sales, the buyer has the opportunity to pick up the product, carefully examine it, turn it on, and photos, even high-resolution, do not give such an opportunity. Modern technologies allow to demonstrate the product in a 3D pseudo-viewer or a real 3D viewer. The first one is based on a set of pre-taken photos, basically it's a 360-degree rotation around one point. The more frames, the “heavier” the page. The second option is based on a three-dimensional model of the product with an overlay of surface texture. And if you add interactivity to all this: the product can not only be rotated, but also moved, as if it is in the hands of the buyer!

The Snail Vibe brand together with the French digital designer César Vonc have developed a 4D viewer (3+1D) that allows to turn on the vibration of both motors, switch their speed and patterns, and also get an idea of how you can use a sex toy, and how many options for the game you can come up with right now! Visualization is implemented based on the work of the sex toy from Snail Vibe.

The 4D viewer is embedded on the site page by analogy with a YouTube video: it is enough to get the code by clicking the “Embed” icon at the bottom of the viewer. The viewer version loads in a few seconds, and its engine uses an external resource and does not increase the load on the server.

Especially for Halloween, to demonstrate the capabilities of the new technology, a cute pink Snail was given the appearance of a perky pumpkin. In November, the theme will return to standard colors, and the viewer built into the product page will display the real appearance in the colors of the product.