We are open!

From now on, we consider October, 17th of 2017 to be the official opening date and the birthday of the adult goods industrial portal – sexshopers.ru.


Take a blank sheet, place various ingredients on it: sex toys, erotic lingerie and a large list of those manufacturing, designing, inventing, delivering, selling these items. Season them with curious facts about sex, news about the exhibitions of adult goods, the pleasure industry's novelties, incredible technologies that seem to be a pure fantasy. Add an opportunity for professionals to get in direct contact with colleagues, pack it with market reviews and some statistics... 'Shaken, not stirred', James Bond used to say. 

What are we going to get out of this cocktail? And what we have got is the project sexshopers.ru? 

We have started to fill an enormous catalogue of all the adult industry market players, including manufacturers, distributors, online and offline shops and catering companies! If we failed to detect a particular company- please, write to us, the catalogue will be growing and changing along with our business.

The second catalogue is about all of the goods for pleasure! The whole range of both novelties and classical items; the toys, tiny and big, quiet and buzzing, spinning and still; every vibrator, dildo, male masturbator, every little dress, every pair of stockings or knickers-they are all sorted, taken into account, arranged by pages, joined together to form a group and put separately for handy search.

News. News! News about everything regarding this area! Do you know you can have sex being thousands of miles away from each other and still exchange your sensations to the nearest second? Are you informed of where you can touch those little things and know what to do with this pretty strangely-shaped toy? When and where is the proximate exhibition held, who and why are given prizes in this sphere?

The entrepreneurs will be able to raise their business' effectiveness, while the users can improve their love life, which means they can get happier!

Our project will make this world better!