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You wish to support our project, but you don't know how? We’ll tell you!


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Over the past year, the portal's audience has grown significantly thanks to the active work of our team. We want you to grow with us, and therefore we have come up with a convenient way that will allow any company to support our project.

Recently has got a price list. We will continue to contribute to the development of the industry, so a lot remains free.

Why did we come up with this?

Our portal has been and remains non-profit, since our main goal is to provide honest and comprehensive information about the adult goods industry.

Why then did we come up with tariffs and began to offer companies paid services? Exclusively so that you, our dear colleagues in the industry, can help us in this important and necessary work. We will not make a profit, but will spend this money on the development of the site, search for interesting and necessary materials, tell about Russian business in foreign publications, and much more. We have a lot of plans and ideas!

Always free

You can continue to post your content with us for free. For this we have put together a package of services with the self-explanatory name FREE. We will not only publish your materials, but also pre-process the text and pictures in the style of Sexshopers, and then duplicate it on our Instagram and telegram, as well as provide links to it in other social networks. So, we increase the audience of the material several times.

We continue to cooperate for free with all companies in the industry: both with the largest toy manufacturers and small stores. We translate news fr om Russian into English, publish news fr om foreign publications in Russian, take interviews – we do everything to keep our readers as informed as possible. In addition, we maintain large directories of companies and industry products, and if you still have not submitted information – write to us.

If your company is of interest to the editors, we will offer to do an interview, ask for an excursion to the production facility or invite you to the store, and release joint material. Any publications initiated by Sexshopers are free.

Another part of our work, which was, is and remains free of charge, is interaction with bloggers and publication of test drives. If you see a lim it on the number of publications in the paid plan, then be aware that reviews of your products are not included in this lim it and will be published according to the editorial plan. It's free. And always will be.

So what is paid?

We have divided paid services into two large blocks: regular and one-time.

One-time services allow you to be more active in a targeted manner, for example, when preparing an event or when new products appear. We have a great team, and we can do a lot: write an article, draw a banner, shoot a photo and video, translate your materials from / into Russian, English, German, make translations of videos. We can guarantee quality and understanding of the essence of the work, as we are well versed in our industry.

We offer two tariffs for regular paid services: FRIEND and BROTHER. The first one expresses your support for the project. In the second, we have laid the optimal number of publications and banners so that you can simply transmit information to us, and we will do the rest: process, subtract, publish.

We have an interesting offer for advertisers – Newsgroup Partner. According to statistics, the banner placed in the Russian “Bloggers’ page” received more than 30,000 impressions and about 2,000 clicks in 1 month. In other newsgroups, the number of impressions is slightly lower, but the number of clicks is not lagging behind!

Note that views of the “Bloggers’ page” section, the “SEXSHOPERS approved” section and the recently opened “Books” section exceed the total views of other sections of the site, so we offer discounts on paid services to companies that provide products for testing.

We would like to express our gratitude to all companies that are already cooperating with us and are looking forward to new partners, everyone who is important to cover the industry of adult goods as fully as possible.

Together we will make this world a better place!

Your editor-in-chief Marina Chicheva and the Sexshopers team