One year with!


Exactly one year ago, on October, 17th, 2017, we announced the opening of the adult industry sector-specific portal,!


Exactly one year ago, on October, 17th, 2017, we announced the opening of the adult industry sector-specific portal,!

The story began with a simple desire of setting up a user-friendly platform for gathering some information there- about the industry players, the products they make and sell, the events, while the most important part is the news about everything that happens on the adult toys market. This time last year, full of ambition, we started building a lively, informative, useful and interesting website, equally cozy for both types of the audience, whether b2b or b2c. It seems to us, in all modesty, that we are on the right way. 

Let's run through the sections of the website. We've got news everywhere! It is located in several parts of the main page and is taking the major space of the latter! Wherever you go, to the page of a company, an event or a product, if there is anything concerning those topics, ever published on the website, you can immediately see it at the page's bottom. Besides, the field on the right of every page has got three tabs containing news! During the year, the articles' general subject was getting clear. In most cases, we are writing about the novelties, talking about the events, supplied with the impressions of the real participants, we are posting a lot of companies' news as well as the legislative changes. The articles labelled by the tags "test drive" and "sextoystesters" are extremely popular on the website. As you may guess, they have to do with sex toys' tests, and it happens to be pretty hot there! We also love to publish interviews and live talks with our colleagues in the sex toys industry.

By the way, now, it is easier than ever for you to find these articles, although they do not form a particular section or point of the menu. All you need do is enter the key words into the search request area, and you are going to get the whole list of the sites where these words have ever been mentioned, distributed by sections and supplied with the text extracts’ quotations. It is a new service we have launched very recently. Even such routine thing as the search option can prove to be very handy and operational!
A pair of other comfortable services is news mailing and price comparison. Thanks to the first one, you don't need to visit the website daily for some new information. You can get a brief digest on everything that has been published during the week and you can go directly to the news you are interested in. The second service will be useful for the shops’ owners, as it allows them to get a list of wholesale companies with a particular product in stock and its price. 

The coolest piece of news sounds the following way: speaks English now! To coincide with the anniversary date of the portal's launch, we have opened a section in English! The news of Russian sex toys market is being accumulated here. From now on, our foreign colleagues will be able to read the things we put on the portal without having to use automatic translators, we are going to get closer to each other thanks to a common language!

What else? Come to visit our stand, and the Chief Editor in person will be pleased to show and tell you everything about the website!
Now, the most interesting point! To know each other better, we are launching a project called "The faces of EroExpo-2018"! The participants will not only get their photos in the exhibition's area, but they will also take an active part in prize drawing! We are waiting for you all!

In conclusion, we would like to thank Dmitry Korobitsyn, the portal's mastermind, for his aspiration to bring the industry players together and his desire to help them. We are also grateful to the company "Postavschik Schastya" for having provided the area for our portal and for having been supporting its work. We thank everybody who is taking part in the website's life: the programmers who make it lively and user-friendly, the authors of the texts and reviews, those who translate the news from English into Russian and vice versa, those who make up banners and select illustration, those who write on social media; everyone who has been interviewed, shared some information and their experience with us! On behalf of the editorial office, we thank all of you! 

Yours Sincerely,
Marina Chicheva, the Chief Editor