Manifesto of the independent editors of

Sexshopers , birthday , chief editor

All of a sudden our portal is 2 years old! In the honor of this event we share with you our policy. To be more exact it is me, who does it, your chief editor.


Who are we?

The editors of the portal about adult goods industry -

What are the goals of the portal?

Providing complete and reliable information about participants, products, events and news of the industry.

Who is the portal for?

The portal is intended both for professional participants in the adult goods market as well as for consumers and all interested persons over 18 years of age.

What is the working language of the portal?

The main working language of the portal is Russian. The catalog of companies and goods, basic information about events and all news are published in Russian. The most important news related to the Russian adult goods industry is published in the English-language part of the portal. In the near future we are planning to release the most significant news in German language.

Who determines the portal policy? is an independent media portal. All publishing decisions are made by the chief editor or by a collective decision of the team of editors. The editors have the right to sort out a publication without explanation. The founders of the portal do not influence the editorial policy.

What is the price of publication on the portal? is a non-profit project. We do not profit from our activities, we do not publish advertising and\or ordered articles and do not provide paid services. All publications on the site, including banners on the main page, are free.

Where do we get news for publications?

1) From foreign media. The portal regularly publishes translated news from,,, and others, as well as translations of press releases provided by foreign manufacturers of adult goods.

2) From Russian companies that post information about new products and events, talk about their activities, give interviews to our correspondents.

3) From bloggers for whom our portal provides a free platform to publish test drives of sex toys, reports on the events and reflections on intimate matters.

4) We publish our own impressions of exhibitions, festivals and trainings, conduct research on new products, compare products of various brands with similar functionality, and interview Russian and foreign participants in the adult goods market.

5) Any author can offer his or her text in Russian or English for publication on the site, provided that the article has not been published previously and is not plagiarized. At the same time, the editors reserve the right to edit the text while preserving the author's style.

6) Any participant in the adult goods industry can invite our correspondents for an interview, to write an article about its work or cover an organized event.

How is useful for professional market participants?

1) We will publish the news of your company.

2) We will provide information support for your trainings, webinars,  conferences, parties and exhibitions.

3) We publish reviews and tests of new products.

4) We will place your advertising banners.

5) We will help to organize interaction with bloggers.

6) We will take an interview, share our impressions of visiting your factory/office/warehouse.

7) We will place native advertising on YouTube.

8) We will help the retail store quickly determine the choice of suppliers through the wholesale price comparison service.

How is useful for consumers of adult goods?

1) Here you will learn the news of the adult goods market, get reliable first-hand information that no other online portal publishes in Russian. You will see not only the front side of the industry, but also its secrets and details, which are usually hidden from the eyes of buyers.

2) Be the first to know about new products, and not only from advertising materials, but also from people who tested them themselves and are ready to share all the details and tell who this or that toy is suitable for and who should not take it.

3) Your favourite was banned on Instagram - look for his publications on our portal or write a letter to the editor with a proposal to invite this blogger to our site!

4) You are a blogger and have long dreamed of getting to an exhibition of products for adults, but do not know how to get to it? Write us, and perhaps your dream will come true.

5) Are you a beginner author, but you want to test toys and become a popular blogger? We will try to help you with this.

What to expect from at the anniversary EroExpo-2019 exhibition?

Welcome to our booth 11, we'll tell you and show.

Your chief editor – Marina Chicheva