An everyday story told by Ivan Knyazev

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Every owner of a sex shop might have faced a problem dealing with neighbours-people who show active hostility about being located next door to a store selling those dirty things. Ivan Knyazev, the owner of the chain "Intim 69", has shared some tips to get on well with next doors.


Ivan Knyazev: In several shop of our chain we are currently distributing a local newspaper. We do it free of charge when it comes to the retired people. This story began some time ago in Balashikha. A friend of ours became the editor of a local daily and he asked us to help him in spreading it throughout our stores. We placed an ad saying that this newspaper is being offered here. However, as its price was so little, we refused to capitalize on it, instead, using such policy, we tried to make retired people from the neighborhood more tolerant towards our business. So, we added a specific point to the ad saying the newspaper is given free to senior citizens. From then on, every Thursday we can see older people making a line at our stores. They used to write complaints, but nowadays they are no more against but for our activity, they even come to express their gratitude. Considering the usefulness of such experience, we expanded it to another town (Elektrostal'), there are some stores of ours there too. We found a local newspaper, made an agreement with the editorial and they approved our project. Thus, with the cost being so insignificant, we have got a welcoming audience of older people from the neighborhood. We believe, this is a simple and low-cost way to change people's opinion towards our business.