Book by Jan Kerner “She Comes First”

review , Lena and her members

The author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members” wrote a review of the book of the Bombora publishing house.


Text and photos: Lena and her members

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The publishing house Bombora has a second book from the author of “He Comes Next” – about the female body, its work and pleasure. As I said about the first book, I will say the same about this. There is no difference – men or women. It is worth reading for both. Because about the structure of the clitoris, its parts and what role they play in pleasure – it is worth knowing both for those who have this very clitoris, and for those who participate in sex with a clitoris’s owners.

In the book, a lot is written about the anatomy of the body, there are no outdated concepts and pseudo-scientific stupidity. From the pros – the author understands that the orgasm is in the head, so the emphasis is on this. It is very important to be reminded of STIs and the chances of getting infected. As in the book about the penis, there is no setting for an hour-long erection, but there are many options for what to do besides genital contact. From the cool things: at the end there are techniques – both for manual stimulation and for oral sex. What coaches usually push you for big money.

For me this should be written in every book about sex. The main thing is to let everything through yourself. There are no instructions or solutions. All this is just information and only you can decide what to do with it. You can write out the best techniques for yourself and try to implement it. You can spur your imagination and come up with something of your own. You can just remind yourself that sex is made up of different aspects, and not everyone follows the standard beaten track.

Three quotes

“You need to kiss, and as often as possible. And this should be done by a person who knows how to do it”.

“Making love with a penis is like trying to write in calligraphic handwriting with a thick marker”.

“The most important thing is to relax and stick to a pleasure-oriented approach. Don't get hung up on orgasm. Think about pleasure”.