TOP 5 dating apps. Male point of view

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Blogger Mitya shares his personal impressions of the popular method of dating on the Internet.


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Fifth place. Last place, oddly enough, is Tinder! Somehow it really tired everyone. Although I used to be a fan of it and still very grateful for a bunch of past and future stories, the world has already gone ahead, and it feels like Tinder and its inhabitants are in the past. At the same time, I am shocked by the thought that someone still does not know about this application: same heaps of requirements and claims in the description (“I want a caring one” or “I am a virgin” and that's all), same oblique photos with glasses and fr om the back, same limp correspondence and the same “prince-expecters” (I am here for serious relationship and I even know where we rent a wedding limousine). Not to mention the squadrons of bots.

Fourth place. Badoo: listen, everyone hates this app, calling it a trash heap and a bottom, but I downloaded it after a year of oblivion, and, you know, everything is fine there. Competent questionnaire: height, age, physique, attitude towards alcohol/tobacco, interests (it was amusing that no one had written interest in “sex toys” before me, the application was 14 years old, for a second), photo verification (real time), search not only by feed, but also by geo-proximity and intersections in real life, the ability to upload a lot of photos is just super (many have 20-30)! In this regard, Tinder nervously smokes in the corner.

The downside is that everything is for money, though it’s inexpensive - about 300 rubles a week, and then pay for each action. But whatever you can do for the sake of great and pure love! “Likes” are limitless. The people are ok: almost like in Tinder (maybe simpler and there are fewer bots). Girls often write first, even pretty ones. Cool!

Third place. 3 Fun: a find of the month! Couples looking for threesomes! Well this is brilliant! People from all over the world, many are beautiful and intelligent, with good descriptions and super-adequate disclaimers. Only communication is purely for paid members, even with those who liked you and that’s no good. Anyway, whoever wanted to get together in threes or more – go for it!

Second place. Feeld: all sex bloggers are wild about it, and I get up next to them! Just one love! Total tolerance and frendliness: LGBT, BDSM, threesomes, kinks - everything your heart desires, open, nice and adequate. 10 out of 10. But the ladies do not answer very actively (I will have to work on my photo and description). And in general there are very few people there (even in Moscow, I’m not talking about other cities). I see 5-10 new users a day. I want everyone to be there!

First place. And the winner is… By a huge margin it is Pure! I even wrote a guide on how to use it correctly, people buy it and they are very happy. Works in a chat format with short messages and one photo (often without). Clear desires for every taste and color: from taking a walk to having a group sex, and a willingness to meet here and now. Pure is almost perfect! Roman Sidorenko – my respects.

I used this application a couple of years ago - I went in and out: an incomprehensible contingent and a lots of fraudsters. Now - all are ADEQUATE and ready to meet! It is a pity that many princesses have no photos at all, but with mutual sympathy, everyone sends their photos, including nudes, no problem - it delights me! I ask and the photos come. Will this soon become the rule of dating etiquette? On both sides, of course.

For men, unlike girls, the application is paid: it's a shame for sexism, but honestly, it’s not a thing to worry about! You can pay 150 rubles separately for becoming the “King of the Hill” – to reach the top of the shows. I tried it – there wasn't much difference, and you only hold there for a minute or two. For another 150 rubles. you can send a gift: this really works! Girls see your photo in full screen, so choose the best one, well, leave a good note! I found myself a girlfriend this way.

But there are so few girls! St. Petersburg, for one, is almost empty (and in other cities it’s even worse). As for communication in the opposite direction, I know that girls receive hundreds of applications (mixed with dickpics), but there are few adequate ones among them!

There are girls looking for paid love or webcam models – they could be weeded out (for example, if you see the words like “donation”, “reward”). I immediately throw complaints about them – the application is not for these!

So, guys, an important point, attention! If a sweet and sociable princess persistently invites you to meet in a certain hookah room (both in correspondence and in real life), or wants to have sex only in a certain hotel, or to go only to a certain cinema (as a rule, unknown or private), and also sends you a link to pay for this – it's a cheap fraud! In the hookah bar there will be a menu without prices and at the end you will go nuts from the bill, and the hotel or cinema (even if they exist) will never see your money, as you won’t see this cute fairy.

Another fraud – when some angel draws you into sexting (such as, “Tell me about your fantasies, what will you do with me, how will you lick me”, etc.), and then asks for money for the "non-disclosure" of your correspondence (threating to send it to friends, colleagues at work, etc.). I would not care, but someone can ruin his life. So, bro, no long “erotic” correspondence takes the girl to a video call (which will soon be done right in the application) and a meeting as soon as possible, and when you are there discuss all your fantasies. You get a slightest suspicion – go away at once.

Finally, guys, I pray, put a cool photo (wh ere the body and face are visible), and make a funny / sincere /unusual (not vulgar) comment. It's catchy. Don't: “I'll goive you a supercuney, tell me your address”! Say a little about yourself and why a girl should want to communicate with you (and not with a hundred other men).

But despite of all these the value of the application and the adequacy of the contingent is great! So folks, everyone to Feeld and Pure – everyone will be there soon! Hugs!