Gaia Eco by Blush Novelties

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Russian version

Brief summary:
– classic form;
– pleasant and extremely quiet vibration;
– completely decomposes in an industrial composter in 3 months, and is ready to serve you for years;
– powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Eco (do not confuse with Eco Mini) is the world's first biodegradable vibrator. The line it belongs to is called Gaia, after the ancient Greek goddess of earth. The owner of the line is the American company Blush Novelties where Ducky Doolittle leads the marketing and is involved in the development of toys. She is one of the most famous sex educators in the United States. I don’t know about you, but it was enough for me to get excited about getting Eco - at least for my collection. But is this a good sex toy to use? What is it made of? Is a biodegradable vibrator dangerous, how durable and difficult it is to maintain? Let's figure out.

How I got it

I bought Eco as soon as I saw it in Russia. But while I was going to write a review, all these vibrators had been already sold out, and it was unclear whether they would return to sex-shops. We had to wait six months until Eco came to us again.

What is in the box?

Eco arrives in a cute recyclable cardboard box without any plastic wrap. Compared with the vast majority of other sex toy boxes, it seems tiny and unpresentable, but it is more than appropriate for an eco-vibrator. On the box’s right side is a life-size Eco. Inside there is only a vibrator and a small cardboard circle on which it is written where to look for company contacts in a warranty case. As expected, there is no book with instructions (why waste paper?). The necessary information is printed directly on the package in 5 languages. There is no Russian among them, but in general everything is intuitively clear: it is safe, phthalate-free, biodegradable and produced as environmentally friendly as possible - with less emission of harmful gases for the environment than a soda bottle, and with less electricity costs than conventional plastic would require...

Basic information

Eco looks like the most classic elongated vaginal vibrator with a rounded tip and a small handle. To the touch, it is practically no different from good, slightly matted ABS plastic. There are three colors: green, blue and coral – however, the packaging shows an even shade, and the toy itself is replete with tiny red dots-freckles. The green option, which I also chose, seems to be the most popular, because it is already out of stock. However, the rest are no less beautiful.  Eco also has a younger sister, the aforementioned vibrobullet called Eco Mini but it seems it is not sold in Russia.

Eco's main trump card is, of course, the material. So what is it? Officially, it is called BioFeel, but in fact it is a modified polylactide, aka PLA plastic, from which both disposable tableware and, for example, surgical sutures and pins are made. In general, the material is safe, it doesn't even smell. But how does biodegradability go together with durability? Will this vibrator start to decompose right during use? No. BioFeel only starts to degrade in an industrial composter, with high temperature and humidity and many active bacteria. Room temperature, even against the background of humidity, does not harm it: PLA is able to lie in salty seawater at a temperature of 25° C for a whole year and not be harmed in any way. What else is BioFeel afraid of? Temperatures above 50° C, direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation – which means, do not leave Eco in the sun or on a battery, wash only with cool water and do not put it in a UV sterilizer. Since the toy is splash-resistant and the material is non-porous, soap and water are enough for washing, and the integral insertion part can be immersed in water. If you wish, you can wipe it with alcohol, ethanol does not harm polylactide – this is great news for those who like to share their toys with other people.

The inserted part is absolutely seamless. There are a few small burrs on the handle, which I smoothed out with a regular nail file. Power supply-two AA batteries, which should be removed from the device after use. Your best bet is to buy a couple of rechargeable batteries and change them if necessary, it will be even more environmentally friendly.

Dimensions: length – 17.8 cm (working length – 14.6 cm), width – 2.5 cm. Weight with batteries – only 60 g.


Eco has no buttons and no vibration modes. It is controlled by turning a part of the handle, so that the vibration power increases smoothly, and not in leaps. It's hard to imagine that such a gadget will accidentally turn on in a travel bag, but just in case, just take out the batteries from it and you are safe.

There is only one motor located almost at the tip of the toy. It's not really powerful (battery toys are rarely powerful), but Eco vibrations are still strong enough – and, most importantly, pleasant in frequency. This allows the vibrator to be used both vaginally and to stimulate the clitoris. Moderate thickness gives a feeling of fullness, which means the toy can be turned off and used as a dildo in addition to, for example, a vacuum clitoral stimulator. It cannot be used anally.

There is practically no noise. I'm serious: despite the absence of the proud mark “whisper quiet” which almost every sex device has today, Eco is one of two toys with the quietest motor that I have come across. At maximum power, its volume does not even reach 30 dB. There is one “but”: when squeezed, the handle begins to rattle. If silence is important to you, hold the toy a little higher and you will be fine.

Who it is for

Gaia Eco is suitable for those who need even vibration, who value quietness and who like a gentle or moderate impact inside or outside. Perfect as the first sex device.

It is hardly suitable for those who like a point effect both on the clitoris and on certain areas of the vagina, as well as for those who want a rich feeling of fullness.


A high quality, quiet, eco-friendly yet affordable vibrator, ideal as a first toy.