Greal – it’s that easy

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Those who have already tried a bunch of vibrators of different shapes and sizes are perhaps difficult to surprise. But, as it turned out, it is possible. Anastacia Romanenko shared her thoughts on realism with us.


Text and photos: Psycho.girlme

Russian version

I just adore the Gvibe brand for their superior quality and beautiful looks. I think there is no need to say that I follow them: here everything is clear anyway.

When I saw the addition in the “vibrators” tab on their site, I got hypnotized by the presence of a new item. There was a brand new Greal. And I liked the fact that the vibrator has a realistic appearance and shape. The presence of the scrotum at the toy also won over, since it is quite difficult to meet this. There are few realistic devices in my collection, so it is interesting to try them.

So, let's move on to a detailed study of our “unit”.

Opening the box (incredibly beautiful as always), I found a standard Gvibe set of charging, a bag and the device itself.

The toy impressed me with its appearance. It was very realistic. The leather is such high quality that even the appearance is already exciting. All Gvibe devices are made of a special bioskin material so the tactile feelings are at the highest level.

The next thing I would like to highlight is the shape. This is perhaps the most ideal vibrator shape. It is “bent” so correctly that it fit me perfectly in terms of anatomy. I was already delighted with the feeling of this "curvature".

Well, and I'll tell you about the most important plus, if we are talking about practical things, this is a suction cup. Due to the fact that there is a scrotum that covers the very same suction cup, the device looks very realistic. It is convenient to use the vibrator and combine it with other devices.

The suction cup itself is strong, it attaches to any flat surface and holds well.

The vibrator has 6 vibration modes, and trust me, you will love everything. It is deep and pleasant to goosbumps. Well, isn't it lovely?

Once again, Gvibe surprised me and made me happy, thereby making me fall in love even more!